Ground Glass Joint 250% Bigger Than the VXC Cloud


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Not sure what TORO had in mind with this piece.
That joint is 45mm! :suspicious:

One of the best part about downstems is that they're easy to replace if broken, but that really goes out the window with this beast

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That design was called the 9 in 1 becasue you had three perc styles with threw different variations to each downstem. The 45mm joint allowed for them to be glycerin filled, a chubbler (simple ashcatcher), or a traditional downstem. I think it also allowed to have a 6 arm tree perc design for a downstem at that point in time (one of the smallest tree designs of the time when it came out from what I can recall).

I used to have that style tube with a normal circ downstem, and a glycerin filled circ. It really allows for you to change your experience up. I had a long Alex K showerhead diffy that I would but in my normal circ downstem to get real crazy.

I really wish that my collection hadn't been stolen as I think this would have been so fun with the Cloud. It really doesn't use much water to fill above the percs, and the glycerin would have been a perfect pair with the Cloud!

I do agree though that if you broke one you would be screwed. Not many shops carried that style from Toro, nor did Toro make a lot of them. I think they may be phased out now, as they were a pain in the but, and the competition in the game steped up real quick with tiny percs.
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