Glass Physics: Best way to break a glass rod


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When I first bought an oil dome setup, I was sold a super long nail that fit my old, bigger bong. That piece is now broken and I only have my 12 inch tube. I've never been able to use it, until I just realized I can break the nail to make it shorter and then I wouldn't have to buy anything new.

You can see in the pictures, the rod part is plenty thin. I feel like I could just snap it with my feet.
But, part of me thinks i should be using some kind of torch lighter.

I have a 3600F propane torch and strong 2400F butane torches, but not sure how I'd use them or if i should use them in the first place.

Any ideas on the best/safest/easiest way to make this nail short enough to work properly?




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My understanding is if you score into the glass where you want the break to be, then super heat that area followed by an ice cube, the thermal shock will cause the break on the score line.
That is a super ghetto way to do it so I'm sure someone else with a bit more knowledge will chime in with a better method.


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A skinny hammer from the 1920s did the trick perfectly with no scarring :rockon:
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