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Hey FC crew

anyone have recommendations for a good glass blower ? I’ve been trying to order a couple custom j hooks from Oregon Glass Blower for the last 2 months ago but he doesn’t respond often to emails it seems or is too busy to do the work. I was trying to finalize the design and get him to invoice me but he hasn’t gotten back to me in several weeks and I followed up again Monday. At this point I’m looking for some alternatice suggestions as I’m not hopeful OGB will work out.


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I guess I’ll add that I’ve had the same experiences with OGB... Ive contacted him multiple times over multiple months and he just doesn’t respond to emails. I was surprised to see a few members showing off custom pieces from him lately. Like you, I thought we had something worked out but he never sent an invoice or followed up.


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This is surprising to me about OGB. I have been ordering a few custom j-hooks and mp's from him lately and he responds quickly actually.

I wonder if what he is responding to is because they are requests that are easy to make and no back and forth has to happen? Just my guess.


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@LabPong yeah you’re likely right. He was quick to respond at first and we had the design down then I asked for cooling dimples and the convo fizzled out from there. He said he would do it but it’s been about a month since his last reply and I followed up this week. I feel awkward to keep emailing so trying to find another reputable glass blower at this point

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He is definitely quicker if you can send him a little drawing diagram, yeah me and boss man had no issues with him lately, sometimes he can take a little bit so you will need to be patient, but he really hooked us up at least!! Keep trying, good luck!
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