Ghost MV1 Giveaway Contest #4

Diggy Smalls

Lately it's been this song:
Lake Street Dive has been my recent go to with a buzz.
Fruity Pebbles with some vanilla almond milk is supa fly.

Ok, here we go, momma needs a new vape!
(Thanks for the fun contests, even though I didn't win, it was fun)
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Congrats Vapehunter, Slagzord and Trulukkyphrank. thanks to Ghost vapes for the contests!

Some good white bread that you have to slice yourself, toasted, with real butter not some spread or something!

And I cant pick a favorite from all the music types! But the 1580 classic hip hop station on Dash Radio has been very good for me the last few years, and they also have a Snoop station and a B-real station with occasional talkshow.

Good luck to all entrants!
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