Ghost MV1 Giveaway Contest #3


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@Hogni you just pipped me. I was reading through wondering what choccy bar I might select (I can't eat any such food these days, but I used to LOVE my choccy bars bruv trust!) :nod:

So it's a tough choice. I thought- I'll just cop out and pick anything. :hmm: Got it- TOBLERONE! Nobody said Toblerone yet. So I go next page...and there is my German friend with his tobie bar!

When we played football as kids, I made up a cuss when somebody sends a shot sy-high wrong way: Toblerone feet!
Anyway, I did like a Yorkie bar. More than Toblerone actually. So you can have that one. ;)

I hope everyone is having a nice and cosy friday evening. I just paced through 3 delightful Omnivap bubbler loads from this year- 2 Durban, (Sat) 1 Night Queen(Indica). Really nice combination.:leaf:


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Hey yo, I like maaad candy. I got a bucket of it in front of me. I got glorious sweets.
Straight up, when I go through the candy, I’m lookin for:

Airheads, milky ways, kit kats, them bubble and tootsie roll pops, sour patch, yeah sooouurrr, I like Twix, 100 grand, m&m’s.. I like them alllllll! Yeahhh! Imma take some pictures of my candy to show you guys. Yeahhh! Super excited right now.. gimme a bit yeahhh, I want me one of them beautiful stealthy thingamajigs too yo. Yeahhhhh!
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Congratulations to @VAPEHUNTER for winning our third Stealth Edition Bundle!:clap:

Thank you FC members for sharing your favorite candies! There were some I have not heard of and cannot wait to try them, except for @Buildozer and @Mr Mellish . :lol: I appreciate some of you posting your halloween costumes and I did see some ghosts out there.

Thanks for playing!

Our final giveaway will be coming up soon! Please stay tuned!

Nerissa :)
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