Ghost MV-1 Speculation and Shipping Thread

Finally received it, just as I was down to my last carrot! On the fast charger now, is a burnoff really that important? Is it going to immediately compromise my health by not doing a burn off? I don’t want to risk fucking up the device.
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Company Rep
Hello Everyone,

In an effort to hopefully save someone the time and/or trouble of contacting UPS for orders that have taken an inordinately long time to arrive with bizarre tracking results online, unfortunately this is normal for all of the orders that left our warehouse within the week after the accident. UPS advised us that orders would be delayed in general due to the holiday season just beginning. No one could have predicted the accident that occurred, but it directly impacted merchants whose packages pass through the UPS hub in Ontario.

Our shipping team was off for Thanksgiving day, worked limited hours on Black Friday, and while all offices are closed typically during the weekend, our shipping team came in on Saturday to make a dent in the work load that awaited them on Monday morning. Through reaching out to our UPS reps throughout the week to get status for our customers, we were advised that during the holidays it is customary for their drivers to pick orders up in pallets. These pallets are then taken to the UPS hub where everything is sorted. Packages are scanned when ready to be moved to the next stage in the process. As mentioned previously, our shipping warehouse is in Ontario, CA where the accident took place. and our orders happen to pass through the UPS hub at the airport. Unfortunately the accident severely affected UPS's service level, increasing the already generalized delay due to it being the start of the holidays.

Orders that left our warehouse the last week after the accident and holiday break have been affected most bizarrely by the delays. We have not been able to rely on the results populating with the tracking number on UPS's website as they change intermittently. However we have seen tracking information stabilize as of late and are seeing orders get delivered.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. I'm happy to help.

Virgil from GHOST Vapes
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Received full package today. Unboxed and charging currently :leaf:

Initial impressions are very positive. Feels like a tank and natural to hold. Can’t wait to get to know it a little better over the next few sessions.
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