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I have Dynavap kit (special from last 4th of July), I have a Mighty, and I just added a Sticky Brick OG. I was watching allot of Youtube and first found Troy & Jerry and The Vape Critics videos. I got over excited, thinking I would really pick it up, but I'm still a small timer ;). I'm doing just a few "hits" in the evenings. I quit drinking and smoking tobacco years ago. I'm trying to slow down, on some meds and it helps. I enjoy it, but it puts me to sleep.

I like the stick brick, without the constrictor. I know it's a "hard" hitter, but I don't really use it like that. I just cover the bottom of the bowl and may not even finish that. I found that with the constrictor it's harder to heat a small bowl.

I don't really need the mighty anymore. I just don't really "session" vape.

Question: I have some old Super T Manufacturing 510 ecigs (The large one, and the precise--really nice ecigs from round 2010). Can those be used with anything or no?

Enjoy Troy and Jerry's Think Dank! Thanks!
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