G 43 from VAPELIFE (Bud from VAPECRITIC)


Honi soit qui mal y pense
@VCBud announced the release of his first own vape this month, the G 43.


It's just this glass heater with boro beads as thermal mass similar to the GlassSymphony, wire connected to a 510 connector. Power and settings by a regular 510 box mod of your choice.
Is it a desktop or a portable device? For sure it's usable as a portable in a certain way with a J-Hook or something else but the up-tempted heater with the boro beads will hold the heat for a longer time before it's possible to put it back to your pockets without any danger of burnings. But for sure it's easy to bring it along to some friends for a little sesh.

As a desktop vape it will be one of the smallest devices at the market.

A very interesting concept I'm eager to know more about.

ETA is NOW. Price $99.

@VCBud, I think you should offer it included with a small suitable case, at least for the heater, cable, and the 510 connector.

Here is a - very - short video (0:27-0:39) for first impressions of this device in action

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