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Future portable vapes


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I wonder if adding moisture to the hot air BEFORE it hits the herb would make for a more smoother vapor. Anyone knows if air with heavy water content has been tried to vaporizers?
it's a bad idea imho, water near heat exchanger, electronic, and nobody will do it ever: because after a while you need to check the quality of the water, chamber, etc.. mold.. so on..
also.. water+cannabis.. water+oils.. meh.. don't go together..


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Beyond entering in to the hobby with shitty vapes and poor experiences, the main issue I run into with anybody I sell on vaping is mostly the cleaning and maintenance required.

They don't want a ton of maintenance, or for many, any at all. That's probably a big reason the Volcano is so popular. You load it, turn it on, and it's consistent and easy. You get the vapor you expect pretty much every time, and you throw the bags out when they're done. If you use the whip, most probably just replace it periodically. There's some minor maintenance of the loading chamber or you can probably just replace screens. Same goes for the little oil carts that are so popular.

A lot of vapes I've tried had bottleneck pieces clogging too easily that just seemed like they're setting people up to fail. This hobby of ours makes a mess and that's imo still the biggest obstacle. I lent my brother my CFX for like 10 days before I modded it and it was so caked with resin from sloppy loading that it was stuck without heat, and the mouthpiece was already clogged. Basically unusable when I got it back in under 2 weeks. That's not acceptable for someone that vapes once or twice with it in a night.

Some friends and family were in to vaping for a while, but never cleaned. They each went through a lot of vapes and would refer to them as broken and shelve them when they clogged or pieces stuck together. It happens too often with some vapes to be reasonable and these aren't people with a vape "tool kit". I did it for them sometimes and they'd use them again, but they looked at my cleaning routine and just said no way they're doing that and going back to smoking if that's what it takes.

I even tire of cleaning, but I've gotten it to the point of reasonable by getting rid of the ones that were cumbersome. Most pieces in general I need to clean now can just be soaked with iso and rinsed, maybe some light scraping and screen changing in some cases. Some like the Tera and CFX that I use rarely, I only use with WPA's connected to j hooks/bubblers so that all the pieces can just be soaked in iso, but that also makes them not very portable.

Unfortunately, the need for less cleaning probably means leaning in to disposable.
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