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Discussed in 2 separate places in vid: 1st by George & 2nd x by a black dude who I assume works for VF.


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I paid for this vaporizer fully with my own money, and my thoughts an opinions are my own. I have no affiliation (nor do I want it) with any vape company. I was not asked to write this, and am only doing this to provide a user review to the community from someone within the community. Plus, it's fun.


The furna is a full conduction portable from a new Canadian company. First released last November, it boasts swappable ovens of either dry herb or concentrate. The star of the design show is the ability to turn the oven around to store with the mouthpiece inwards. This creates a compact size and keeps your mouthpiece clean while on the go.
The company themselves seems very enthusiastic about entering the vaporizer space. They are happy to answer questions in a detailed fashion, and take suggestions or criticism well. You really get the idea they want happy users.

The furna is ideal for flavor chasers and low temp vapers, but still satisfies my own super high temp desires (I never vape below 400F). It gives smooth consistant vapor production, but isn't a fog machine. It's truly session style, but you can get a few satisfying sips quickly if you want.
In the interest of full disclosure, the furna I first received had poor performance. I could tell that it wasn't getting near as hot as it said it was. By my comparison with other vapes, it was about 30-40c low. I'm sensitive to incomplete extraction, and felt those negative effects as well as almost no vapor.

The furna company was mortified to hear this and, after talking with them, offered to send me a unit with reworked firmware. I was happy to give them a second chance with the knowledge that I could always get a refund worst case.

I'm happy I did, because the unit they sent me works much better (after I activated the added features). It's still slow to extract, but there is consistent vapor production and the high temp effects are there. When vapor drops off at 420F, I can boost to 440F for another session of equal size. When I then take this AVB and put it in a hard hitter like the EVO at 2oclock, there is almost nothing left. I believe this is the firmware all new units will come with, but you should check before purchase.

Excellent full extraction, even if it takes a while to fully vape the oven. While I prefer hard hitting high temp vapes that can extract a .25g oven in 5 rips if needed (dotleaf, EVO), I think there is a place for a sipper like this in my life. Particularly, I want it for nights out on the town, where intake is a marathon rather than sprint. Something like this is perfect to replace the juul (which I quit) for socially stepping outside to "smoke" occasionally, without greening out or having to reload often.

Vapor Quality:
I've never gotten a harsh hit from the furna. Where the furna lacks in sheer cloud production, it makes up with good flavor lasting most of the load. This is quite impressive with the CBD I'm using. You get about the same cloud size each time, no matter the battery level.
Part of what makes the vapor silky smooth and the mouthpiece comfortable is the ceramic screw inside the silicone nib. This, paired with the hollow space in the oversize mouthpiece, makes for unburned lips during long sessions. It's really cool vapor for many pulls. That said, a very extended session does yield hot dry air that can be unpleasant. The cooling screw can only do so much.

Very even, with no hotspots or burned parts. I can vape til it's dark brown, without stirring. (see picture for avb finished with the 440F boost).


Heat up time:
At my high temps, heat up time is 20-40 seconds. This trends to the long end as the battery gets below 50%, but vapor performance stays the same.

Battery Life:
furna states this has 15-20 sessions per charge. While the furna has a 10 minute session length before it switches to "cool down mode" with a countdown, I don't know what they consider a session. For me, at max temps, with a mix of several minute sessions and short two puff sessions, I see about 10 per charge. This comes out to 3-4 dry herb ovens per charge. More than enough for my needs.
Charging over micro USB is fast, with 30 minutes being enough to bring a 20% charge up to 80%. An hour or two longer to bring to a full charge, as expected of such a large capacity battery.


Depending on your material and pack, the furna dry herb oven holds between .15g and .25g of medium grind.

I actually really like all of the accessories that come with the furna. Nothing is an afterthought here.
Spare Dry Herb oven- Because of course it should ship with a spare since that's it's whole thing.
Silicone keyring cover for spare oven- Fit on this is perfect. The oven slides in like it was made for it (it was). Not too tight or loose at all. Good smell proof cover, and very inconspicuous. Fun to hold and roll around the desk with the oven in.
Silicone/metal packing/digging keyring tool- Really love this. Very small, perfectly sized for the oven, and is amazing with the...
Custom fit oven loading funnel- This is easily my favorite thing of the whole kit. It slides perfectly on top of the oven, with a funnel and "chimney" right down to the oven. Get this; if you dump material in until it's level with the top of the "chimney" just before the funnel slope starts, you get a perfect pack every time. Just get it to that level and use the packing tool to push the herb down until it stops. This will be a tight pack exactly level with the top of the heating chamber. Keeps things clean and makes loading effortless!
Spare colored nibs- Including what the ovens have, you get 2x blue, 1x purple, 1x black nibs
Spare screens and a cleaning brush- Always nice to have.

Fit and Finish:
The furna has a very well designed businesslike aesthetic. Like an old thinkpad. Everything feels very thought out to the smallest detail. It's precisely designed from the way the ovens twist-and-click together, to the accessories, to the magnetic slider action.
There is some play in the moving parts, but not enough to be a problem. Just enough to make things smooth and reliable. The buttons have a firm tactile response, and the level of magnetic force holding things in is exactly as much as needed in all cases.
Even the oven is hyper designed, with a vacuum vessel surrounding the heating element inside. This increases efficiency, and makes the ovens easy to handle when hot.

The unit is really fun to use and fiddle with. Everything is chunky and rounded properly. In the oven-in position, it's a solid little baton. To pop out the oven you can either move the side slider or press against the opposite end. Then you can easily grab the oven and flip it around for use, never having to touch the mouthpiece.
OR you can flip the unit over and either press the end or flick the unit into your palm. It's the coolest thing, as the sliding part stops with just enough force to "kick" the oven out. It's like dropping/loading a mag in a gun. Very satisfying, and you still never worry about touching the mouthpiece.

The dotted LED display is clean and easy to read, and the UI is honestly fantastic. With only 2 buttons, it's easy to navigate. One button cycles through menu options and saves settings, while the other cycles through submenu options. 5 clicks locks the device, or you can just shove the oven in the storage position and the unit goes to sleep.

I particularly like the SYMBOL options, as it lets me customize each oven for how I feel about the particular strain inside. This, with the colored nibs, makes for easy identification in all lighting conditions.
The screen orients itself right side up quickly no matter how you hold it. It's always easy to read at a glance. That's a nice touch.

Final Thoughts:
I was initially drawn to this new vaporizer for three reasons. First, I like keeping multiple strains available for different needs. It's great to not be stuck finishing the load in your vape before you can use a more suitable strain.

Second, I like how inconspicuous the unit is when the oven is stowed. It looks like a phone charger, or maybe MP3 player. It's self contained. Vapor output is pretty stealthy, too. Low smell and won't fog up a room (though there is a visible puff of vapor). The ovens click together in a seamless way that even if you have to show someone the oven, it's not obvious it's meant to be opened.

Third, and even more important these days, I like to keep my mouthpieces very clean. I'm not a "lick your fingers before turning the page" kind of person, and carry my portables to dirty places. I like that I can just stuff this in a pocket without worrying about dirty hands touching the mouthpiece. Because things are chunky and easy to hold, I know I can operate this in low dexterity scenarios where I wouldn't bother with a fiddly vape. It would be great for hiking, mountain biking, or just running errands on the go.

The furna excels at these while also being a reasonably small well-performing vape.


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Thanks. I have a friend interested in transitioning from e cigs to vaping tobacco and thought this could be good for that if it did the e juice too...of course now would not be the time to introduce an e cigg compatible vape, i suppose.
Will let him know about this product as an option


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So I've been using the Furna for a couple weeks now and maremaresing's review is word for word my experience. From getting a replacement with the new firmware, though to my temperature preferences, and even to how evenly the AVB browns so there really isn't anything I can add.

It's pretty great. No regrets and really appreciate the Furna support (Nathan specifically) helping me get the replacement sorted out easily.

Happy to answer any specific questions if people have any.


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Hi everyone! With 420 right around the corner we here at Furna are launching a vaporizer giveaway! This is being done through an instagram account. For all details on how to enter go check us out at @furna.co for your chance to win big!
The Ultimate Furna Vaporizer Package (valued at $420 CAD) - A Furna Vaporizer
- 2 x Dry Herb Ovens
- 1 x Concentrates Oven
- 1 x Furna Oven Carrier
- Colorful Nib Pack
- Funnel
- Silicone Cover
- Multitool
- Brush
- Charging Cable
- 3 Nib Screens and 3 Oven Screens
- Furna Sticker


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Just ordered one of these to check it out, along with the 510 “oven”, since they’re 40% off rn. Always on the lookout for a decent conduction vape and this one has intrigued me for a while. Thought it would be fun to compare the Furna, XMax V3 Pro, and Viviant VLeaf Go with holiday sales.


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$109 USD for a furna is a solid deal, not to mention whatever you got. Please report back how you like it. I'm curious to hear how they have improved the device since first release.


A handjob is still a job, okay?
$142 USD for a furna + spare oven is a solid deal, not to mention whatever you got. Please report back how you like it. I'm curious to hear how they have improved the device since first release.
Will do. I got the Furna, a spare dry herb oven, concentrate oven, and the new adapter to use 510 carts and it was like $190 shipped which wasn’t bad
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