Fresh stock


Land of the long vapor cloud
When freshly restocked with meds.

Do you find the best, most choice looking nug


Load it up and vape that thing of infinite beauty right away.


Save it for later in anticipation, waiting for the stars to align.


Something completely different?


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Usually I grind from smallest to biggest nugs, I dunno why, I guess it feels like it stays "fresher" that way since (with no evidence to back this up) the smaller nugs have more surface area exposed and "oxidize" faster.


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I used to do smallest to biggest but now I separate them up into 3 jars
and will just switch depending on my mood.

Typically, I find the more popcorny buds often give a more racy sativa high.
And the mains usually offer more fuller developed body high.


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Interesting, I'll have to try separating them and see if I can tell a difference. Guess I just have to pick up some more buds then ;)


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Nowadays I like to vape most of the good stuff first. I mean life is short & I don’t wanna be on my deathbed thinking man, I wish I hadn’t decided to save those really nice big nugs for later.
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