For anyone interested in medical cannabis reviews in Florida!


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Snagged this live rosin disposable from sunburn. Usually $55, discounted to $37. Can get half g rosin carts for cheaper from elsewhere, but wanted to try their disposables.

Disposables tend to give me faster hits with less draw, and these proved the same.

Favor is amazing, as most rosin carts start out, but it’s a very familiar flavor I tried describing earlier. I believe it was orange soda I described the flavor as of that other strain, but this is identical. I’ll look back on posts and find the strain and try to find a coa of it and compare.

Budtender has yet to let me down. He tells me these are his favorite rosin pens in the state. (Heard that before).

Time will tell if it can hold its flavor, but I love how disposables hit.

The flower was Loma from RiSE. Flavor is almost identical in this rosin as it was in that flower.

Rosin strain is trop cherry

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While this stuff sure looks dank, and definitely has good effects, still falls victim to the classic FL flower flavor dilemma.
Flavor lasts but a hit, then pretty much dies off. Doesn't taste dark or bad (not that weird soily taste), just neutral.

Same goes for most of the Sunburn flower I've had. Amazing smells and looks, and while flavor is great, doesn't last.
This MUV flower probably even less so. Same with Trulieve Roll Ones.

The longer the flavor can last, the better tasting bags can be. Otherwise, it just comes out tasting like neutral abv.
A strong flavor in the XQ2 bag is the quickest way to tell how good flavor is of the flower I get.

RiSE by far has the longest lasting flavor compared to the other dispensaries I've tried.

It's my biggest gripe with MMJ in FL. Just want some resinous weed that lasts in a vape.
With my very poor and limited understanding of how we get an end product ready for sale, it seems it's how FL rushes the curing process?

Maybe I gotta bite the bullet and get bud from the Flowery, or Jungle Boys. Wonder if all the people "smoking" it know good weed or not ... I'll have to vape to put it through the taste test. Or maybe good vape weed isn't necessarily good smoking weed and vice versa.

Flowery consistently talked about the most.

Maybe I'm just expecting too much.


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Flowery flower is quite expensive. Seeing around $70 for a quarter of smalls, or an average of $45-$60 for an eighth.
Some lower tier around $30/eighth.

Even looking at their cheapest products though, I didn't find anything under 3% terps which is pretty wild.

Will probably give it a delivery try. 25% off first order i believe, so may not break the bank. Decent prices on their resin disposables.

Just gotta get through this other flower I've got.


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Wanted to give an updated on my Sunburn Rosin Disposable that I got.

As mentioned with almost every cart I've gotten, other than pure distillate carts, they start to taste burnt towards the end, or are just very sensitive to becoming burnt with too long of a draw, hot of a temp, etc.

A few things I discovered with the Sunburn disposables (at least the one I got).

If you pull slowly, you'll get that burnt taste on the forefront, but the flavor of the rosin is strong enough to over power it on the back end exhale.
If you pull hard, you keep the temp low enough to get a super flavorful hit and avoid any burn, so long as you don't over do it.

The temp ramps up towards the 2-3 second mark on the inhale. If you hold to that point, you'll start to feel the thickness as it ramps up, and can pull a thicker gassier flavor. If you hold past that, you'll get the burnt flavor again, but with still great flavor on the exhale.

So while having a few burny hits through trial and error, it never once tainted the actual oil itself.
As long as I don't over do it, or pull too slow, i get the exact same flavor that I got on the very first hit.

I'm on the last drops of the disposable, and still doing great.

I will say that's a first for me when it comes to Rosin carts. Never been able to finish one without it tasting horrid towards the end.

Something about disposables just hits way better for me compared to a cart on a battery.

Looking forward to trying Flowery REsin carts (their ROsin carts are very expensive), as they are disposable as well.
Also going to give GrowHealthy ROsin carts a try at some point, as they use the ceramic heater instead, and I wonder if that makes a difference.

Just for clarity
Disposables - all in one, not a separate cart
Cart - a separate piece that is attached to your own battery.

Rosin - extracted with heat and pressure, no solvents
Resin - good oil, but extracted with solvents.


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Went to RiSE today and heard the other budtender say to her customer that she vapes all of her flower.
So naturally I was like "oooh what vapes"

She's got a Pax 3, Arizer Solo 2, IQ, Mighty, and some others.

One of us! One of us!


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Been bored with my recent purchases lately.

Made a visit back to HT, haven't been in months n months. Wanted to snag some good concentrates, haven't dabbed in months.

Asked for something that's strong flavor, and easy to work with.

He recommended two stains, described the flavor of both, and I went with Jomo. He described it as garlicy/runtzy. I see what he was going for, it's sweet and pungent at the same time.

Excited to give it a try once my Wand charges up.


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Unfortunately for me right now, I have to bargain hint whenever I, I've been going to Ayr recently just because they have the cheapest badder/budder...luckily its decent.


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Unfortunately for me right now, I have to bargain hint whenever I, I've been going to Ayr recently just because they have the cheapest badder/budder...luckily its decent.
Trulieve also gets those crazy deals from time to time as well on their badders/sugars.

Ayr Live products can definitely be solid, I almost went to them. Not sure if they still have it, but the Ruby Slippers sugar was rly good a while back.


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Due to my recent dopamine deficient insanity, I made my final trip for a while over to GrowHealthy to finally give their MPX concentrates a try.

I got White 99 Live Rosin .5g for $21, and .5g Queso Perro Rosin cart for $30.

On the left in the picture is the 1g (minus a few dabs) from HT, right is the .5 from GH.

My first dab from GH was definitely more flavorful than the ones I've had from HT so far. A nice sweet flavor but difficult to place yet.

The first hits from the Queso Perro cart were bannany, which rarely am able to taste. We'll see how it holds out. It was a very low temp hit with minimal vapor, so may pull different flavors through as I get the confidence to bump up the temp a bit.

Super satisfied so far!



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The first hits from the Queso Perro cart were bannany, which rarely am able to taste. We'll see how it holds out.
So can already tell the cart is not going to be impervious to burning, even on the lower end of temps.

I’m getting some great flavor tho.

The goal, similar to how I treated the sunburn disposable, is to possibly experience some burning taste due to improper technique or impatient back to back hits, but to not taint the flavor of the entire cart from “here on out”.

So far, I’ve gotten some burnt taste by
1. Drawing too long on a low temp hit
2. Not cutting it fast enough on a higher temp hit
3. Back to back to back hits.

Even with the ceramic setup, I just don’t think CCells are set up to properly deliver things like Rosins without some fuss.

I just miss a balance of flavor, draw time, and potency.
It’s almost impossible for me to get a hit that feels full and satisfying, while maintaining flavor and the integrity of the cart.

If I baby it, I get great flavor, and the effects do come on strong, but it’s not a one hit punch that I prefer.

Guess it’s just trade offs and finding what you prefer.

I think a shorter hit on 2.5v is better than a longer hit on 2.0v. But the cutoff time to avoid burning is more precise.

For record, using the yocan Uni Pro at 2.0-2.5v.


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I really wish the carts were bigger so that I could use my two battery mod on it...alas, WAY to powerful. I used to take my pressed rosin and mix with it wax liquidzer and put in a full blown cart with that mod...huge clouds, lol.
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