First purchase success! The first two Vapes I ever purchased, 5 years ago, are still my go-to Vapes.


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The Silver Surfer and The Mighty. I've read enough horror stories on these forums, ones bad enough that I conclude there are probably thousands of potential vaporizers still combusting because of their first couple of tries vaporizers. I'll even admit I didn't even like my original Silver Surfer because of the weird bowl and heater cover that came with mine, plus the learning curve. But once I got a totally differently designed bowl, I was now getting huge consistent clouds instead of either no vape or actually combusting. Big difference a tiny change can make for the same vape.

I now have the Super Silver Surfer and the automated air sysyem is way better than I expected. Left my first one on for years, full blast, without any problems. Still works perfect. And The Mighty. Portable Vapes are notorious for being prone to dying and unreliable. The Mighty still works just as good as it did day one and I get nice hits from it, easy to use and maintain. Seems like I got lucky that the first two Vapes I purchased are still the only two I ever use anymore. Had a vapeexale Cloud and it died in like a week. Those bowls were annoying to pack up anyway. Did like how it operated though, mostly because of the ease of use, but now my silver surfers both do exactly what I thought I was getting from the Cloud, so I feel surprisingly well covered with only 1 plug in and 1 portable. What are y'alls go to plug-in and portable?

Edit: I use a female wand and female heater cover for the SSVs
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Some vaporizers can have lengthy careers because they are well made and are easy for the individual user to maintain and tweak to meet their needs and preferences. The corded Buddha fills that slot for me both as a home heavy hitter and small dose solo machine with just some glass switching. For a potable I still default to a MFLB because I get acceptable performance, which brings up the point that just because a vape is preferred by an individual doesn't mean it's the best vape for everyone.


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wow, lurking stories, i do feel amazed by my 1st vape, Gpen elite! i love it, also the fact that the outth piece receiver got craked makes take care of it a bit more, i love that device despite its big ass chamber ...



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My first bought vape was the MFLB, and you are right that having the right vape to start with can make or break if you stick with vaping or go back to combustion. Needless to say, the MFLB was a big let down and I never switched to vaping. Then many years later I got a dynavap and that was way better than the MFLB, but it still didn't fully convert me. It took another year or two to finally make the full time switch (as I just went back to smoking instead).

But what really made me stick to wanting to try out vaping, was that I had some luck making a homemade vaporizer back in the 2000s when people was using light bulbs and heat guns. I tried those two, but never got good results, but eventually just said fuck it and put it in a pan on the stove and waited for vapor to come off. Crazy I know, but it worked and I got 1 good hit and the flavor was top notch. That always stuck with me and why I kept giving vaping a try. So as they say, the first impression is everything, so being able to get good hits when trying out vaping, is key to becoming a convert. Plus nowadays, most vapes are so good that this shouldn't be a problem if you stick with the known good ones (though for rookies this might be hard).
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My first vape was a volcano classic purchased in 09. I don't use it a lot anymore, but it shines in a group setting, and is still my best tasting herb vaporizer.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit how many vapes I've bought, but most people, including me, would do fine with a good portable and desktop vape.
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Goboof Alfa was my first vape and is still my go-to when I'm not using my Dynavap. My Alfa is about to turn 4 years old. It still runs perfectly (knock on wood). I have no plans to replace it unless it kicks the bucket. At this rate, it's never going to kick the bucket. I don't use it as often anymore but still do a few sessions with it every few weeks.
I've been vapvapping for about 3 years now and that's never going to stop either especially since I have literally a lifetime supply of butane that cost me $15. Vapcap is my daily driver. Alfa is more sporadic, but that's making the Alfa last longer too.
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