Fake? Not Fake? Cheap production? Awful paid marketing schemes?


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Hello guys, I am new here(reading for years though) and would like some input on a lot of different things.

First there's the huge alibaba vape market, it's huge, all the originals have fakes there and I wonder if anyone has had the awful experience of ordering one of these fakes and if so, how bad are they? I mean is it possible that there are apparently legit vape sites making money out of such crap? Do we have a list of these sites?

Just search for the Dynavap M in there and you'll be surprised(or any other vape really). I mean how easy would it be for a local headshop to sell these fakes? As anyone fallen victim to such scams?

Second, let's go over more subtle, elaborate and deceptive situations:

Let's take two examples:

What's happening here? Can anyone elaborate? Is like this an obvious scam or are these products actually different?
Do these 'brands' really just import from china, give the products a logo and do some marketing?

Look at this:

It's safe to assume this article was purchased? Is this how the vaporizer market works nowadays? Do you guys think this is affecting the entry level side of the community?

Then maybe it's not far fetched to assume these two are the same too:

Is there a chance that these would be the same product? How would one know?

Check the reviews, check everything, how would someone new to vaping tell the difference?
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There is a (little used) section of the site dedicated to counterfeit vaporizers, but I haven’t heard many people say they’d accidentally bought a fake.

I’m sure some of the low end stuff is the same and just marked up and rebranded in the US, etc. but your example of Dynavap stuff is different. Those are made in the US and the only fakes available last time I saw didn’t have the bimetallic discs in their caps so they didn’t click and you’d just have to try to time your heating cycles yourself. That makes those fakes pretty obvious.

There are counterfeit versions of some of the best selling higher end stuff like Volcanos too though, so if you buy a Volcano Classic for example and it’s not from a reputable seller you might want to look into how to tell the real thing from the fakes.


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Is this how the vaporizer market works nowadays
Nowadays? I figure this is how all markets have worked since prehistoric dudes got their buddies to claim their chunks of hyena meat were antelope :)

Do these 'brands' really just import from china, give the products a logo and do some marketing?
Sure, why not? Products you find in Target and Walmart are no different. Lots of cheaply made stuff with different stickers.

How would one know?
You won't know for sure but you've already done a pretty good job figuring it out.

There is a tiny handful of vape reviewers who are very honest in order to preserve their credibility, the rest are full of shit and willing to promote anything. Troy (420VapeZone) and Sneaky Pete are trustworthy.


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I watch these reviewers, but you know most people getting started on vaping won't for sure.

Yeah to an extent, the problem is that vaporizers are something people should be very picky about. It's something you use daily and most things you suck out of them go directly to your lungs, possibly bloodstream.

Meaning, would you buy that migvapor khan vaporizer knowing there is a nearly exact vap at half the price and that you can private label products they sell on alibaba?
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Aslo Migvapor is a company known for selling rebranded Chinese vapes. Good chance you are going to see look-alike or identical styles when comparing Alibaba and the migvapor site.


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I wish there was a stickied post with a list of reliable websites based on user feedback. Particularly on Europe it's hard to know. I've been relying on the list of official dynavap distributors to know which stores are reliable and which are not, but still I'm sure there are many stores besides these.


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I saw that shit on Aliexpress by the past, they even claimed getting MiniVap counterfeits, in fact I think they don't have all this counterfeits made and ready to ship (except maybe for the fake Mighty since it's a so famous vaporizer and a best seller) but it may be helpfull for them to see how much peoples could get interest in a specific brand counterfeit, I repeat: I'm pretty sure most of this fakes doesn't even exist for real (but if you have big money they will make something I bet!).
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