Ever meet a rando vaper?


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Some of these responses seem to support my theory that dry herb vaping is actually less popular because of legalization. I concluded that three main benefits - accessibility, discretion, and efficiency - are much less of a perceived issue with recreational legalization.

Figure there was a sizable portion of the market who never really fell in love with the vape high, mostly using vapes for discretion reasons. Now that smoking isn’t an automatic felony, those folks will just go back to doing that.

The group who admires convenience and budget would likely just opt for a cartridge pen these days, especially lower tolerance users who don’t vape that frequently.

With cheap and abundant cannabis, ultra efficiency is less important. The FC-OG’s will remember when VAS and switching between vaporizers was just something people did to try and coax a different high out of the same strain they were getting for 6 months at a time. Now with copious accessibility and availability - efficiency concerns become less important.

That basically just leaves 1/3 of the community left as the “true enthusiast“ to support the entire niche.
I think this is correct. I also think people who use cannabis more frequently are more likely to seek out better alternatives -- like vaping is less irritating than smoking, an issue if you use cannabis a few times a day, every day. If it's something you do once every few weeks, it sort of doesn't matter as much and you're not that invested in how you're doing it.


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I know a few smokers who have finally made the switch on their own. My father and his friends for example.

I agree with inverted though. The one place where I can see dry herb vapes gaining popularity is the eventual cannabis bars and clubs where smoking is illegal due to to indoor smoking bans. People who would otherwise smoke flower might use dry herb vapes an alternative to carts.

In this scenario I think the hardware would have to be designed specifically for commercial use. The same way a coffee shop uses a different coffee machine than one does at home, or a restaurant uses commercial grade cooking equipment.
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If it's something you do once every few weeks, it sort of doesn't matter as much and you're not that invested in how you're doing it.

That's definitely a major point. Many big arguments for vaporizers become small once you're only a weekend smoker and are confronted with the idea to switch a pack of papers and a lighter for a 200$+ device.

And yeah, the biggest factor is that „vapes don't get us as high“, which is total nonsense because just the opposite is true of course, but understandable nonetheless because most peoples first vape is either some shitty bang for your buck device or might take some time (which nobody has) to get used to. When I show my Dynavaps or especially the Tinymight to a noob, getting high is never an issue – but that's because I sit right next to her / him and can explain how to use it properly. That makes a difference for sure.

What I don't quite get though: a legalization should actually boost vaporizer sales because now all those people who actually never smoked but are curious are able to enjoy cannabis without having to smoke. Seems like cartridges have filled that niche quickly. :-/


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Dry herb vaping is for (brave) nerds! :science:

I really think it's something you have a make a willing effort to get yourself into. The first vaporizer I bought was a Pax 2 and I too thought it didn't get me high so it sat a drawer for the next 2-3 years (smoking half a dozen spliffs a day at the time). Now after a few years of vaping 99% of time and buying/trying at least a dozen other devices (daily driving a Pinky), I feel my pax gets me higher than a joint.

I feel a lot of people have had the same experience as me, but haven't been willing to go through the habituation curve. It's much more than just learning how to use a device, but it's also getting used to the slower on-setting of the high, the vapor feeling less satisfying than smoke at first, the high itself being more nuanced (imo).

I also think a lot of people carry misconception about DHE. Some people told me they think vapor is not much healthier than smoke so they'd rather smoke, others told me they're not comfortable breathing through electronics/plastic. These are fear that are valid and hard to combat as they're still very little specific research to convince them...

If I wasn't so stubborn about challenging those received ideas, I probably would still be combusting :2c:
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