Ever meet a rando vaper?


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Everyone I know that dry herb vapes I either met here on FC first or is a friend I converted.

I'm in a legal state. I've never once been somewhere out and about and ran into anyone using a dry herb vape. When I go to the dispensaries the bud tenders have no clue what I'm talking about. Every once in a great while I'll encounter someone that heard of a volcano but never used it.

I see people smoking all of the time. Any of you guys run into some random person using a dry herb vape and make a friend?


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Everyone I know that dry herb vapes I either met here on FC first or is a friend I converted.

I'm in a legal state. I've never once been somewhere out and about and ran into anyone using a dry herb vape. When I go to the dispensaries the bud tenders have no clue what I'm talking about. Every once in a great while I'll encounter someone that heard of a volcano but never used it.

I see people smoking all of the time. Any of you guys run into some random person using a dry herb vape and make a friend?

Me too!

Last time I purchased my herb, first thing after paying, I found the nearest chair and started filling my glass stems.
After a few minutes I looked up and everyone in the shop was looking at me, I said something like "haven't you ever seen a vaporizer" weed has been legal here for 5-6 years, but I recently moved away from any major cities.

I have a TM and the stems I've been using are longer, maybe 5 inches, and I alway have a few with my JYARZ in my jacket pocket. Everyone wanted to look at the TM, and also wanted to know where they could get one!


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I've complimented several people on the Mighty and the Solo 2. I have never had anyone understand what I was saying, lol. I'm guessing that they were recommended by their friends or the local shop.

I'm guessing my odds of someone getting what I'm saying would be much higher with a TM, Nomad, or P80.


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I've never met a random vaper which is a shame, I've also tried converting loads of people since 2009 and all of them still combust even though a few have purchased vapes.

Even when I visit Amsterdam the budtenders always ask about my vapes as they have little clue what I'm using, us vape users are definitely still a rare breed.


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Actually yes. One guy I haven't met in a while showed me his Mighty (and gave me a brief introduction into vaporizing), but that was when I was still smoking. Left me impressed, but at that time I was a bit shocked about the pricing of vaporizers¹. And the woman who converted me about a year later by lending me her MFLB.

So yeah, two. Since then → nada. We are rare.

¹...and that's probably the main reason why most people hesitate to look into purchasing a vaporizer. I've had huge success at parties and other gatherings when showing off my Tinymight or my Dynavaps, but as soon as it comes to pricing (or limited availability) the interest vanishes (at least for most, I have converted some of my friends).


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I live in a legal state, but it's not legal outside of one's home. I frequently smell when someone's vaping nearby, but have yet to actually see the culprit, probably because it's so much easier to be discreet while vaping than while combusting. I've even smelled vapers inside clubs...


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I've never seen or heard of someone vaping flower either, come to think of it. I started with 510 carts because they are pretty discreet in terms of size and odor. When I got sick of them leaking and leaving distillate behind, I moved to the Linx Hypnos Zero (still in rotation). I wanted to use some flower that I didn't want to combust, which got me to the HR Fury Edge, the Linx Eden (avoid this), the VMAX V3 and the Tinymight.

Now I'm done. The Hypnos I use for concentrates, the TM for flower and the Edge or V3 if I'm out and about.


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I don't know anyone with dry herb vapes, personally, but I've definitely seen them around. Most people seem to associate it with nicotine still.

Weirdly (or I guess not because of how it's marketed) the pax is pretty popular, at clubs and festivals mostly.I've definitely seen people on trails pass a mighty and a solo.

I've never seen a tm or firewood or something out and about. Hope to, someday! It'd be great if it were more popular.

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When I moved to California, I randomly met someone who knew the vaping world a bit and was into the volcano though they had since quit so we didn't have anything in common anymore and never hung out :rofl:

Also early on here once in line to get into a music festival for pride someone I saw using Pax2 let me take a hit since I recognized it (not something I would ever do these days though lol) and then I showed him my OG Grasshopper blue Ti briefly to blow his mind!


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Nobody that I can think of. I've probably given out 5 dynavaps to friends and only one completely fell into the dynahole. Now he he's got an induction heater and a few different setups. I have profited off others who buy battery vapes, hate them, then sell or trade them to my favor. That's how I got my argo and a pax 2.


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When my brother in law got into smoking weed i told him about vaporizers.
He doesn't smoke cigarettes so was interested.
Told him to get a dynavap. Was so confident he'd be happy that i said i'd buy it off him if it wasn't for him.
Well, i own another dynavap and he's got an IQ2 now, so that's sort of successful...
He is the only other vape user i know personally in the entire world!


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Some of these responses seem to support my theory that dry herb vaping is actually less popular because of legalization. I concluded that three main benefits - accessibility, discretion, and efficiency - are much less of a perceived issue with recreational legalization.

Figure there was a sizable portion of the market who never really fell in love with the vape high, mostly using vapes for discretion reasons. Now that smoking isn’t an automatic felony, those folks will just go back to doing that.

The group who admires convenience and budget would likely just opt for a cartridge pen these days, especially lower tolerance users who don’t vape that frequently.

With cheap and abundant cannabis, ultra efficiency is less important. The FC-OG’s will remember when VAS and switching between vaporizers was just something people did to try and coax a different high out of the same strain they were getting for 6 months at a time. Now with copious accessibility and availability - efficiency concerns become less important.

That basically just leaves 1/3 of the community left as the “true enthusiast“ to support the entire niche.


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Yeah, I have quite a few friends and friends of friends who vape at least sometimes. Unfortunately except for one who is in love with his old dynavap M most of them have only used overpriced products from e.g. Pax or Utilian (volcano and a mighty in there as well, though!). They all still mostly smoke and are of the opinion that vapes just don’t do it for them.

Once or twice they’ve gotten smacked by my p80 or a dynavap so I’m hoping they’ll come around, but it’s not something I get militant about. I’m like the irl vegans as opposed to the stereotype everyone has of them online. I just do my thing and pack my vape and let them do theirs 🤷‍♂️


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This is an excellent thread question.
I have been vaping canna flower daily for 9 years now, fully combustion-fucked on the very first hit of a Pax1 I bought (2013), having very little expectation and lots of hope for a better way. Check.
Have purchased at least 10+ devices in this time. Check.
99% of what I know has come from folks here on FC, along with countless hours of 'home testing'. Triple Check. :tup::tup::tup:
I think a lot of us have been on solo journeys with this vaping thing, what a strange and wonderful thing to be sharing!

Now at 71 yrs, I'm not so socially active, to go out and meet vapers, say. Or even bump into one on the street!
The only people I know personally who vape canna flower are folks I have turned on to the process, several of which I've given their first vapes and first vaping experience. It has surprised me when they may not be as quickly or permanently sold as I, but everybody's on their own path.

There was a progression for me that included stopping 40+ yrs cigarette habit with the help of a big case of pneumonia in 2010. I learned about nicotine vape pens and briefly used one, so that was the clue that came back to me when I heard somewhere about vaporizing herb. Wife and I were then looking to cough less than when we smoked joints...and the rest is history.


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I'm in my late 20s, working in a brewery in a crowded legal city so it might be that I'm in a hip sphere, but I've seen a few customers go out with dry herb devices such as the Pax, Mighty/Crafty, OG solo. I've also seen one or two people walking with their device in hand from my balcony at home.
I've tried to engage with a few of them, but none had anything interesting to discuss. They all had only one device that one friend recommended and knew nothing about DHE beyond that.
I also found that DHE has a terrible reputation amongst "Classic stoners"; every time I vape in a presence of one I get the usual "DHE doesn't work for me/is not strong enough/doesn't give me the "stoned" feeling I look for". I totally get that sentiment, but I'm also find it funny because for me, who completely gave up combustion except on very rare occasion, it's when I smoke that I feel that something is missing and this nuance is really hard to explain to someone who hasn't experienced it.


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I actually feel I don’t even run into old school smokers anymore, all about those edibles and carts these days.

I did strike up a conversation once with a random guy about his Plenty when it first came out. Other than that a cousin of mine got into it without my influence, I was like no way you have a Crafty!


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I have a couple of friends who were already vaping when we met, but otherwise, no, I never run into vapers. However, to be fair, I don't encounter people using cannabis often in any form. It's legal here, but not in public. That's always a huge bummer to me. When I used to drink, I loved sitting at the bar, where people freely share their fondness for their favorite consumables.

If I had the means, I'd start a cannabis lounge, and I'd have a selection of heavy-hitters available for on-site use. We're finally at a point where we've got accessible, affordable gear that can easily convert smokers--the challenge is getting them exposed.

That challenge is compounded by years of marketing from the biggies, PAX and S&B. Now everyone who's tried a PAX or a Volcano thinks they've experienced the best vaping has to offer, and they're understandably underwhelmed. Even people in the industry fall for the marketing. Youtuber Cewpins seems to know weed pretty well, and he's got 44k subscribers to Troy and Jerry's 7k. He made a video complaining that vapes aren't powerful enough, and he used the Volcano as evidence. Yeah, no shit.

I came to vaping purely for health reasons. I love weed, but smoking's always seemed like a bad idea. With that motivation, I was willing to learn to enjoy vaping. Fortunately I started with an SSV, which was just powerful enough to provide the minimum satisfaction necessary to keep me interested. If I wasn't seeking an alternative, the SSV wouldn't have seemed like a viable contender. However, if my first hit off of a vaporizer had been from my B-zero, I wouldn't have needed to learn to enjoy vaping--its attraction would have been immediately apparent.

If I had that cannabis lounge, with a few injector vapes running through Goo-Roo hookahs sitting on the bar, I know I'd be meeting new vapers every day.
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