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Hey FCers,

Long time no see, i have still many very good pieces to find a very good home. They are resting in their safe cases now because i have only one mouth to vape with!
All have to be sold and open to disccus. No exchanges. You pay the shipping. Only Paypal or direct bank transfer. Money first then shipping from France.

Solo stemsnerver used9*regular stem
1*Ed wood stem
3*pvhes stem
4*pvhes gong
car adaptor
extra Orings

regular stem 5€
Ed wood stem 20€
pvhes stem 15€
pvhes gong 15€
bent stem 10€
Arizer Air Imodel from 2016250€midlle usedOne extra battery
designed pouch
extra bowl
90€ with all
Sticky brick Junior139€mostly never usedspare intake and MP100€ for all
DA VINCI Ascent,It lives but battery dead!220€fairly usedmany glass spare parts
gong straight 14mm
Car dapator
40€ with all bundle Batteries to change probably soon
Eclipse H2O,79€nerver used35€
E-nano gongsmidlle usedALL 18.8mm
2 gongs with glass screens 1st gen
1 gong with glass screen 2nd gen wider
1 gong addjustable with basket screen
4 basket screens
2 special tools E-pik
10€ for gong 1st gen
15€ for others
1€ per basket screen
5€ for E-pik
2,5€ for 1 stem mod
count of stems to doubt
VApexhale EVO (EU 220V)220V unit
purchased on the IGG launch received 2 years later
500$very few used4*4 set of ELBs
3 glass concentrates tubes with hardcases for each
swag Recycler glass piece
Original pelican case available (40€ extra)
VXL cloud Buddy unused 30€
EVO 220V unit 180€
a pack of 4 ELBs 10€
a Glass Nail 10€
Recycler swag bubbler+hydrafoot 150€
Original pelican case 40€
cloud Buddy unused 40€
Open to bargain for prices
FlashVape S1&S2&Power Adaptator,original model350$very few usednumerous extra screens
numerous extra heating screens
extra glass straws
extra rings
extra batteries
Tool to replace Up screen ring
FV+PA+ extra screens
+extra heating screens
+extra glass straws
+extra rings
+extra batteries
+Tooll to replace Up screen ring
Herbalaire 2.2,2014 model300$fairly usedextra bowls
gong teflon MP (not pictured)
extra screens
numerous extra bags
numerous extra bag MP
2 regular pomps
3*Planet vape Gongs
130€ with all bundle
Herbalizer LE,launch unit #069
600$fairly used1 original unused bag
3 cleand used MP bag
Original box storage
Ready to sell the converter AVT 800W bronsons++ (60€)
2 *Ratchett silicon songs (7€ each)
220€ for unit
60€ for Transformer
Herborizer BundleOG System Diffuser 18mm

XL Sphere
1 000 €very few usednumerous extra screens
glass stirrer
sphere bubbler (50€ extra)
100€ for OG injector+bowl 18m+ glass stirrer

50€ for XL sphere
5€ Car adaptor
iolite 2.0,150€very few usedextra bowls
extra MP
extra screens
70€ with all bundle
Life Saber VaporLSV with pouches and wand
ALL PURPLE+ cutom glass knob
250€few usedEZLB+wand
extra heat exchanger glass piece
Life warranty
150€ with all bundle
MFLB&PA2.0,several boxs cherry and walnut wood250$fairly to never usedextra batteries
extra concentrates plates
50€ each box
80€ for PA
10€ for 2
W9 tech productsplenty of concentrates stations.
Power core
KAC v 1.0
unused Carts from W9tech,
400$very few usedOkeanos501
Power core for persei
KAC v 1.0
Unused Carts from W9tech.
Okeanos501 70€
perseiV4 60€
Power core for persei 60€
KAC 30€
Carts from W9tech. 5€ the cart
CNPax1,Pre Us assembled unit
MP and lid was ISO washed and lost their color
150$very few usedoriginal box40€
The Hammer PRO3 completely new units119$ each hammer pro
Now 35$
never usedOne #057 special flare stem screened
One #029 all glass stem
3 screened 14mm gong
2 all glass 14mm gong
40€ each hammer kit
#057 custom stem 20€
#029 custom stem 20€
Screened 14mm gong 10€
All glass 14mm gong 15€
T-vape 1.0,one short tube unit
one long tube unit
159$very few usedFew extra screens30€ each
Vaponic,1 completely new unit40€never usedOriginal models30€
Vapolution 3450€midle used1 unit
4 Dry Herb Bowl
1 custom DHB extra wide 35mm DHB
9 heating sleeve
1 dab bowl
unit 150€
10€ bowl and dab bowl, 13€ for custom
10€ by heating sleeve
250€ if you take the whole pack
Firewood 1.0still running great139$mostly never used8 bowls
3 magnetic wood part
1 car adaptor
80€ with all bundle
DIGIT VolcanoComplete bundle1 000€midle usedBoth system easy and solid
1 reduced easy bowl bottome
Solid case
Roll of bags
350€ for all the bundle and spare partsimages to come
Rosin plates2''*3'' aluminium plates
220V 350W heating rods
dual 220V controller
300$very few used120€ for plates and rods
and double controller
Oilslick papersOilslick rosin paper
Oilslick ptfe roll
Oilslick Wrap roll
25$ each roll2 packs of each reference10€ each roll
Torch lighterregular torch lighter5€ each or offered on trade
ENailsQuartz nails
Ti nails
220V coils
D-nail SiC dishesQuartz 20mm nails
Banger 20mm quartz
just ask
Ratchett's SONGSA whole bagjust ask
Ryott casesplenty of it
Some unused
just ask
Glasses piecesnew LSV Glycerin coolerPre-bubblers
bublers some are clear resin repaired
just ask low prices
Liquidizer extraction setTo extract outdoor40€
Bubble bagsPure factory brand80 €never used1- gallon 5 type of bags (38,70,90,185,220 mic)
one ZIPCRO 220 microns pyramidal bag
30€ for the set not splittable
8€ for the pyramidal

Fell free to ask.

Prices can be discussed.

Best regards.
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