Completed DYNAVAP // Non-Captive Caps (New&Used)

Four Dynavap Non-Captive Caps of various years sold all together. Three are new and one is used. One of them has no marking which I am guessing might be quite old and it is in new condtion.

1 - Unmarked Year Non-Captive Cap (New)
1 - 2020 Non-Captive Cap (Used)
2 - 2021 Non-Captive Cap (New)


Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Recent positive customer feedback:

Seller: Vape_Or_Die420
Description of item: Dynavap Rosium Ti Tip
Cost of item: $50
Payment time: -
Shipping time: right away
Rating out of 5: 5
Comments: easy, flawless transaction!

Seller/Buyer: seller vape_or_die420
Description of item: potv1 mini bubbler
Cost of item: don't remember
Payment time: seller was super quick
Shipping time: seller shipped same day
Rating out of 5: seller is 5*
Comments: quick communication. I didn't leave feedback bc I didn't know where to do so u til the seller asked me recently bc of some hijacked acct and scam recently. Seller wants to assure other buyers that vape_or_die420 is a good seller.
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Seller: Vape_Or_Die420
Description of item: Lift Innovations grinder plus accessories
Cost of item: $80
Payment time: Immediate
Shipping time: About 5 business days (I think carrier had a delay, no fault of seller!)
Rating out of 5: 5/5
Comments: Great experience with seller and first transaction on this forum. Item was generously priced and seller cleaned it very thoroughly. Definitely recommend buying from Vape_Or_Die420!

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Seller: @Vape_Or_Die420
Description of Item: POTV One/Fury 2 Curved Mini Bubbler (just the bubbler, no accessories)
Cost: $19
Shipping Time: ASAP. Purchased on a Sunday, Monday was a postal holiday (though seller still attempted shipping :spliff: ), seller shipped Tuesday morning
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Model seller, replied very quickly to my initial message, shipped as early as possible after payment (ended up being 2 days due to a postal holiday), item arrived well packaged in good condition, either unused or pre-cleaned. Would absolutely buy again, and recommend others to do the same!
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