DIY Ice Bong in 5-minutes for 12-bucks

I was thinking about how simple the Zeus Iceborn must be so yesterday I picked up 15-feet of 3/8" tubing from the hardware store for $12. Coiled it up and stuck it in the bottom of a plastic tobacco can with two holes drilled for the ends. Took about 5 minutes to make this ice bong and 3 hours to freeze the water.

Works good. I've used the Solo II for a long time and the hits are way cooler with this. I'd describe them as 'cold' in fact.

This is just one long piece of tubing so no parts and connections like the iceborn. I think I'll let it thaw and cut the tubing in half to double my money. I don't think I need that much in there. I also have to make the whip longer so I don't have to stoop down. The airway via the tubing is much smaller than through the stock glass so it's more difficult than normal to take a draw for sure, but I'm getting just as high with no sore throat.

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^^Great idea. The only change I'd make is to use food grade silicone. Would make me feel better.


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Or not use it and get the vapor into your lungs instead of on the walls of all that tubing, just turn the temp down a bit on the vape if it is too hot. :2c:
It is fun to experiment though.:tup:
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