Tek Curious if a heat gun could be be utilized for dabbing?


Has anyone ever tried heating their glass with a heat gun (set on High)? Wondering how long it would take to bring the glass to an acceptable dabbing/vaping temperature... I have a much older model heat gun at home - however if you look up a more current Wagner $40 model - the description indicates it can reach a temperatures of 1200F on the highest heat setting... Is this type of heat source sufficient to heat up a glass banger to the necessary temperature for dabbing, and in a reasonable amount of time?

Asking because I'm not partial to using and incorporating torches into my consumption routine.... My electronic dab rig is temporarily out of commission for now, and I'm thinking of alternative options at my disposal... I don't have a 14mm dab trough/banger currently on hand so that I can test this out firsthand... So looking for feedback on this matter... Thanks

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There's been a few rework stations and heat guns repurposed for banger heating over the years
I think the Tochi Torch was the last one I saw
Which I think was actually little more than a Wagner Furno 500 heat gun in a new case
Heating times will depend on the size of the banger and the gun or rework station you've got but they used to say about 30-120 seconds on their site.
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