Cosmic Xtractor


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The Cosmic Xtractor is a 510 convection vape using a folded stainless steel mesh. It is built to splinter z specifications.

The darker one is purpleheart and @Shit Snacks helped me figure out the lighter wood is canarywood.

I'm basically getting into woodworking from scratch and hopefully they get less rough looking as time goes on (lol). Ill be doing some batches of them but probably the goal is to switch over to a hardwired all in one unit powered by AF (using a lost vape Grus board). Of course this is going to be dependent on parts supply issues (vape mail ban and covid and whatnot).

Shit Snacks

Yeah the long-term plan sound awesome, and the latest work looks great for a start!! Love to see this, and just want to say here that I have predator with base from you and it is a fantastic product!!! Looking forward to trying these, and seeing more of the wood varieties... You're the real deal FaL :rockon:


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Ooooh baby. I posted a bit on Reddit, but I have thoughts I'm organizing and I'll post here more later. Pics too. This thing is a cloud-chugging, terp blasting, absolute beast, through water or a cooling stem.

I was lucky enough that Fear hooked me up with a purpleheart model, he knows that's one of my favorite woods. It's so much prettier in person - pics don't do it justice. He and I spent last night dialing it in, tweaking a couple of small settings to fit my tastes - I am a flavor chaser. I was comfortable doing that bc of my experience with Splinters, Imps, Dreamwood, and StemPod. It's very easy and honestly, the only thing anyone might need to tweak is resistance once in a while but that's easy.

That said, straight out the box it worked great. I used it for several hours yesterday, battery is great, the base fits my hand really nicely. Great airflow. Barely gets warm after back to back to back to back sessions. The base is a game changer - I don't have to worry about it getting bumped and knocked over. Temp control is wonderful.
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