Cheap, high-quality bubbler??


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I have only broken this setup 2 or 3 times.

I actually need another one of these,

Currently out of stock...any other recommended sellers of this piece?
You only broke it 2-3 times! I love it. I was thinking of getting a Y adapter like that at Vgoodiez, but everyone has good ideas on where else to look! instead of the side carb kind.
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instead of the side carb kind.
That is my favourite cleisen, as used on Frank, plus the other y adapters I have used, but the price is now ridiculous
Here are the y adapters I use,
Oh yeah, that's a good seller,
Good enough for me...on order!


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Has anyone found any more compatible downstems for the FC MOD?
I always hoped there'd be more percs we could try in them
This site was posted a couple of months ago but it had a domain that doesn't work any more... Anyway they had a huge selection



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I received that tag piece about a week ago. I like it. It makes a convenient little manual dab-rig/banger-hanger setup.

I'd been using coils on my bangers for a bit now, leaving torches behind for technology...but I must admit that It's been nice to pull out the torch again. Plus, I've had this little rubber-duckey carb-cap for years (it came as an unexpected freebie with another glass piece I'd bought a couple years ago), but it was too small for any banger I've owned...but it works just fine with this little skinny banger that came with the piece, and the yellow brand label on the piece makes it match :tup:

I saw that one, too. I love the heavy base on that--beautiful and heavy. And I bet the ducky swims well.


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I just checked it out and found the code KRONICLE saves 25%, pity shipping to Oz US$37 as it just goes over my self-imposed US$100 limit...just and those down-firing perc holes look like they would purr nicely:sherlock:
If you don't mind spending a few minutes of your time you can probably get it under your limit 🙂

Step 1 - sign up on their site for text updates, they advertise a 30% off coupon for doing so. I used a Google voice number for this so they wouldn't get my real one 😎

Step 2 - You might receive a 30% off code but I didn't, just a message that I was subscribed to TAG messages ☹️

Step 3 - I sent them a text saying that I didn't receive my code and within a day or so they sent me one for 35% off 😁

Hope this helps!


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‘You still looking for one of these?

Thanks for looking, I already have that one in my Favorites list, I have about 7 or 8 different sellers of this in the list, and was hoping someone could point me toward a good version (other than Popularglass as out of stock) as I have purchased this on the cheap before with less than great results (very poor QC with wobbly bad angle joints and laughably short downstems)

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I don't remember the FC Mod. Could someone post or link it please?

Nevermind, I found it. It is basically the Toro clone multipart piece. I have always wanted it but had forgotten that was what it had been named.
I blame the drugs...

Haha yeah that's Steven's name for the piece we've been talking about, a knock off of the VXL Devastator originally, I still say it would be best to try it from BrideMarry if not Glass99, but I also think it's not a great piece even though I decided not to sell mine lol
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I am also a bit tempted for this one that I've had my eye on for a long while now in purple (there is a blue one that I really like, though it is twice as much money because it has opals too) although I'm not sure how cheap I can get it for yet... At the end of my rope!
Yeah, I ordered it, definitely done now, again! So it is primarily for dabs, for me, I really like this style of recycler for that, however I don't see why it wouldn't work for a vape, depending on the vape (airflow wise especially), just like other recyclers...


Surprise arrival today! So the blue RBR 3.0 must be arriving tomorrow or the next day...
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