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Heya, I write ecig reviews on ECF and have a blast doing it. I suffer from chronic pain, axiety and depression and found that writing reviews helps keep my mind busy while I try and wait longer between hits. I took a look and couldn't find another post like this that deals with Canada specifically.

I originally wanter to post these on Reddit, but with the anti-weed and anti-vaping crap thats going on there, I felt it to be a bad fit. So, after making a post asking for a forum or location to post, I was told I could "keep it in the family" so to speak lol meaning, I can post them here :)

So, here goes my first Cannabis review:

Power Plant Health ( Located in Toronto, uses Expresspost)

To start out my first ever review of anything Cannabis related I would like to mention that I am by no means a top shelf expert, but have been buying and using all variations and qualities of cannabis flower and extract for years now. Flower since I was about 13 years old almost constant, with small breaks here and there. Been in the concentrate realm for just a couple years though. I vape nicotine vapes and do reviews for devices and liquids elsewhere (not promoting that stuff here, just giving background for my history writing reviews) and have been writing reviews for a few months now. Anyways, lets get to the topic on hand!

White Rhino (AAA Indica, $79.99 per OZ special)

This is the first strain of the 3 I got to try. It's a very nice light green colour with a good amount of orange hairs. When I first opened the bag, I was hit with the pungent piney/earthy smell. Totally reminds me of strains I grew up with. In fact, I remember White Rhino being very popular back when I was in high school.

For a cheaper budget friendly strain, it really looks nice up close. It has some decent trichomes, but not an insane amount. I threw some in my grinder and was met with that intense piney/earthy smell again. I rolled a joint first and after taking a couple puffs, it was pretty smooth and has great flavour. I don't taste a lot of chemicals like in some other weeds out there. It burns well and clean, its got some dark specks in the ash, but not much. Really impressed me so far. The buds are fairly dense and heavy, but not too heavy or dense to make you wonder about growth hormones or something similar. Definitely seems up to par from my limited experience.

Next I tried some in my Dynavap. That allows me to see its flavour a little better, and boy was I happy to try this. There’s a slight sweet undertone to the vapor, I wasn't expecting it. It was very pleasant and the terps weren't overwhelming or anything. I was able to take a huge rip and not feel that burn that can accompany certain strains due to certain terps irritating my throat. All in all, I was very pleased with this strain.

Blue Cookies (Indica, was a $49 OZ special)

So, when I ordered this strain I really wasn't expecting much. I have been buying budget strains from many MoM sites recently and only a couple have REALLY impressed me. This is one of those.
When I opened up the baggie, I was greeted with an earthy smell with the usual “pot" smell and something else that I couldn't put my finger on yet. I took a bud out, turned it around in my hand and was pleasantly surprised to see orange hairs (not as much as on the White Rhino strain) and some visible trichomes. The buds aren’t anywhere near as dense or heavy as the White Rhino, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s some nice orange/red hairs and almost as dense of trichomes as the White Rhino had.

I took a bud and threw I in my grinder and BAM I was met with the earthy smell and I think I figured out the extra smell finally! It has a slight candy smell to it. Sweet and slightly berry candy. The first thing I did was roll a joint. The ground weed is fluffy and semi moist, but not too moist if you catch my drift. It rolls easy as heck. The flavour comes out more sweet and earthy but the berry scent seems to have gotten lost on the taste, but for under $50 an ounce, can't complain. The joint burned well, I didn't need to over wet it or relight it and it burned clean. The ash was fairly clean as well but there was definitely more specks in it than the White Rhino. A good smoke indeed.

Next, I took some and put it in my Dynavap. The flavour was nice, but not as nice as the White Rhino, although that's to be expected. I tasted the earthiness/sweetness and this time the berry flavour DID come out slightly, but still not too much. The vapour production is less than the White Rhino, but it's by no means bad. The White Rhino gave me 3 and a half toots off one bowl with my FMJ add-on. The Blue Cookies gave me just 2 full toots to cash the bowl, which is fairly average IMO.

If you're on a strict budget and need to make it to payday on some cheap herb, this will more than do the trick. I recommend this to anyone WITHOUT a severe tolerance or smokes rather than vapes, just because it seems to smoke better. But it does still vape decent, just my personal opinion.

Guava Kush (AAA Sativa, $79.99 /oz special)

Last but definitely not least is the Guava Kush. It's a sativa dominant hybrid (at least that’s what Leafly says lol). I’m not usually a Sativa guy, but have been having issues with my tolerance slowly increasing, so I figured I would shake things up!
Upon opening the baggie, you're greeted with a similar earthy smell to the other 2 strains except there’s a very strong citrusy undertone to it. Maybe even a slight mango scent as well.

The colouring of the buds is a very light green, has a lot less orange hairs than the other 2 strains but just as much trichomes as the White Rhino, IMO. Its also fairly sticky which neither other strains were overly sticky. After putting some in my grinder and grinding it up, that Mango scent came to the forefront and was met with a grapefruity kind of smell. I thought my GF was eating a grapefruit in the next room lol

As per the usual way I started, I rolled a joint. The joint burned slightly longer than usual, probably due to the moisture content and stickiness. A good thing in my opinion. The smell was strong and pleasant all the way through. The ash was the cleanest of the bunch! Only a few tiny specks of black, mainly all grey/white.
Next I tried some in my Dynavap and BAM that grapefruity/mango flavour was making my mouth water! And the vapour production was insane! I got between 4-5 toots off my Dyna while using my FMJ (YMMV as usage expectations and flavours are subjective and change from person to person)! That’s totally insane! Some much more expensive bud from another dispensary that I wont mention didn't vape anywhere NEAR this good. Just WOW! And the buzz felt like a bit more indica than the stereotypical sativa. The buzz lasted a good couple hours before I started to come down.

In conclusion, I rate my order from best to worst in this order:

1. Guava Kush (its just plain Guava on their site)
2. White Rhino
3. Blue Cookies

None of these strains are bad, but the $79.99 Oz’s are definitely better quality than the $49 Blue Cookies. If you're looking for some powerful but flavourful buds, White Rhino and Guava Kush are you guys. If you need a budget strain and can't spring the extra for the $79.99 strains, the Blue Cookies will still get you blazed decently. None were overly dry or looked bad. All caught me a buzz.

I definitely recommend to check out Power Plant Health.

Thank you very much for reading my review, and I hope you have a wonderfully buzzing day :)

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Peyote Cookies Strain from Steady Eddy's

Hello, my name is Adam and I'm going to be reviewing the strain Peyote Cookies from Steady Eddy's. I appreciate y’all taking the time to check this review out, means a lot!
Steady Eddy is located in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. They do local delivery to North Bay and surrounding areas. Delivery costs $10, but is free when you spend $50 or more. They also ship all across Canada, shipping is $15 but is free if you spend $150 or more.

The flower comes in these small little bags, which get bigger as you buy more. I like that the bags have a window so you can see there's flower inside, and it's also foggy to allow it to be somewhat hidden when you're moving it. You can see something's there, just not exactly what. Each bag has a sticker with the strain hand written on it. That's the packaging side of things for the flower, now lets take a look at the flower.

This flower is such a deep forest green, with patches of deep vibrant purple. I's also coated with orange hairs and some decent trichomes. The nugs are dense and smell earthy. Honesty, the pictures don't do it justice.

I wanted to test the flower out in a way that majority of people either use or have access to, so I decided that rolling a joint would be best as mostly everyone has a pack of papers laying around in their junk drawer, if not in their stash. I took the nice 1 gram bud and ripped a couple smaller chunks off and stuffed them in my grinder. The smell as I ground the buds up was divine! You know sometimes just by smell that something is going to whoop you, well this is one of those times. That earthy smell is met with a pepper and something else I can't quite figure out. It's not grassy at all, which is good. I usually find that heavily grassy smelling herb tends to be less potent as you're smelling the plant matter and not the resinous trichomes.

Figured I would show the joint along side the Steady Eddy business card for scale. I didn't want to roll a huge joint as it's only for me and It's a relatively expensive Indica ($150 an ounce) so I wanted to test it's “Top Shelf-ness" by seeing how potent a tiny joint can be… and it's very potent! The taste was very similar to the smell, but with a kind of rich nuttiness underneath the earthy pepper. Each inhale was nice and smooth, no scratchiness or anything to make my throat feel raw. The paper burned even, no black spots or runs. At the end of the joint there was a ring of resin that built up, but I find that normal with bud that was sticky when handling. The ash was pretty clean and white, small amount of black near the center of what was burnt, but I also find this normal with good clean bud. Its not as much black as it is “dark". If you've experienced it, you know lol

The effects are heavy, even with a small joint. It's definitely an indica! My eye lids got heavy almost immediately. A warmness,, similar to a blanket almost, slowly crept from my head to my toes. I got real lazy real fast. And make sure you have some munchies near, because this one is sure to make you run to the fridge and cupboards. I'm STARVING while writing this!

I figured I would include a couple pics of how the joint was while burning, for you're pleasure or mine

In conclusion, this is a very heavy indica and I would recommend it for anyone who needs that heaviness. It seems like it will be great for insomnia, will boost you're appetite and will definitely relax you. I have chronic knee pain and this strain definitely helped take my mind off it and my knee seems to be able to move slightly better like it relieved some inflammation.

I also recommend this to anyone who has anxiety, but use small amounts as this strain is pretty sedating. It isn't a strain to help in social settings, seems more of a “personal" high. In fact, the sedative effects are strong enough that it may make you anxious is social settings if you're not comfortable with the people around you.

For the recreational users, this is a heavy strain and will make you very “heavy", so proceed with caution. All this said, it is an AMAZING buzz and it's potency makes it perfect for who already have a tolerance.

Here is a link to Steady Eddy's website, to check out his wares.

And this is a link to Steady Eddy's Leafythings Peyote Cookies store listing.

Thanks for checking out my review. Thank you


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I would like to add that I vaped the rest of what I had and it had a berry and almost aloe undertone (only when i vaped with my low temp cap. Dyna AzuriuM 21 through water). Earthy and almost piney, but not. Hard to place. (not good at flavour descriptions, sorry!) The moisture content was great and as such it produced nice dense clouds. It is an indica dom, and as such it has heavier effects. Especially when vaped at higher temps.

My apologies for the smoking part. It may not be of use to all of you, but some may still smoke with a friend or loved one on occassion so I figured it may be valuable to a few.

Thank you for your time!

*i couldn't edit my last post as too much time had passed. My apologies*
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