Canada to US air travel?? Snowbirds --- fly or grounded?


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What I find seems to be that Canada to US air travel is not totally prohibited but is recommended only for essential business.
Is that correct??

What is the law and what is the reality, will Canadian snowbirds be allowed to fly to southern US for winter ?
And what could reality change to by Dec-April winter season??

If Canadians can't get to their southern nests, won't that drastically change the winter rental scene....demand down 30%??

I'm in Minnesota but have rented from a "FL Canadian" in the past.


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What is the law and what is the reality
I expect a google search will uncover the law. I live in a community with many snowbirds, the reality is they are staying home this winter. Some will go if they can I suppose but I have not spoken to any that are going to the USA.

I have no idea what an FL Canadian is, most here go to Cali.


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Canadians are advised to avoid non-essential travel outside of Canada, so like I said, what is the reality of this?

Since it is just advising, can you still fly to Florida (FL) if you wish , for you Florida Canadians?
And will many really opt to head south?

Florida and Arizona both have a huge Canadian presence during winter months.

If Canadians renters don’t come , won’t there be many rentals vacant PLUS many new rentals from Canucks stuck at home, unable to use their properties, looking to now rent them out??

Thoughts on Covid travel issues and snowbird nests???
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