Can RSO be vaped?


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I've got a bunch of commercial high quality RSO that I got to do with edibles when I had a cold last fall. Excellent high THC stuff, but I don't enjoy edibles that much, so now its just sitting there. Can I vape it? Is it safe? I'd probably use my Sai with a coil bucket unless someone has another suggestion.

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If it is the original recipe, vapeing would be quite gross as it has ALL waxes, chlorophyll, fats etc.
If it is not VERY well made, there could still be some solvent in there.
There are commercial varieties that could be vaped pretty good, perhaps you can find out moreabout yours...
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I get some on a chopstick or similar tool, by dipping.
i unroll a cotton ball and collect it all with the end of the unrolled cotton,
I roll the cotton strip around that to the size of my wand.
I have vaped some RSO.
I used only convection vapes.. and glass as in SSV, Da Buddha (etc....)
There is a thread that along the posts someone has likely done it also.
Not a remarkable flavor experience, but I did get medicated.
Even though purged and safe enough, I thought I could detect an essence of solvent, perhaps Iso, or Naphtha.
I believe that these have trace essences that some can detect.
I would use a dedicated glass wand, and not use it with flower again until well cleaned.
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Ive tried it with my own winterized rso. Mine is processed twice and comes out clean, but almost tasteless. What taste there is, is an oil taste. But like mentioned you can get real high from it because its somewhat stronger than rosin, or most hash. I tried it like I said but since I already have lots of rosin, id just as soon vape that.

Ive also mixed it with rosin. It does thin the rosin a bit and might work in some pens, but again its just tasteless, or more accurately a yucky oily taste. And since ive been using an Aristech quasar (and a headbanger) for my pen option, it uses straight rosin pretty well.

So for us its used for medibles. Using it for medibles makes dosing easier than making canna butter or oil out of herb.
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