Can one vaporize.... cannabutter?

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Hello all.
Just getting my day going after a long night and some Jose Cuervo after wine after Stoli 100.... not sure what i was thinking, but no real hangover..... Point is, I have a buttload of good butter in the fridge, and was curious if I could Vapo it like hash or oil, only because I was curious about having some in a way that might be quicker than eating. The more I think about it, the sillier it seems, as I would have to tip the Vapolution on its side as i would be heating the stuff up.... Anyways any thoughts? I guess I could just try lol.
So just curious, and I guess I'll go have a finger of the butter to get my mind rolling again.


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Don't do it. It will get every thing you own terribly messy, and I doubt it would work. You might at some point start vaping the THC out of the liquid butter, but my guess is it would take awhile.

Leave it alone.


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But for good ole bud, turning the Vapo on its side is no problem at all. I do it all the time. Great for ground herb (if you use a piece as a screen) and pieces too small to stay vertical.


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do you mean butter or budder ? I find the idea of vaping some butter pretty weird ?? no?


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Pretty sure by cannabutter he's talking about the dairy variety.

Don't ruin your vaporizer, just make some tasty treats. :)

If you really wanted to try it, hotknifing would probably be the best bet.

Budder on the other hand...
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