Brexit - The Great British EU Dilema

Brexit - In , Out , Don't care?

  • Leave EU

    Votes: 23 30.3%
  • Remain in EU

    Votes: 35 46.1%
  • Don't give a shit

    Votes: 17 22.4%
  • What's the EU

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Inspired by the USA elections thread, I did a search and couldn't find a thread for Brexit, so thought I'd start one.

I'm interested in what FCer's from around the globe think and how they see UK's position in the EU and whether you actually think it matters.

I'll start by showing my hand :- I vote leave. I am not European, I am English and I don't need to be in some 'old boys club' to be friends with the rest of Europe. I want control over our borders and I want people I vote for making the laws that govern me.

There should be a global trade agreement, not some BS European one, and giving priority to people just because they are in the EU is racists and prejudice towards the rest of the world.
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I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too
I personally don't give a shit.

But you can forget about any type of relaxation of UK drug laws if we leave the EU. (Or any law for that matter)

You can expect more dictator politicians and royalists.

I'm working class British.
Not English, Irish, Welsh or Scottish.

As such I will continue to vote Labour at all elections and support my local politicians.

Most people are voting leave based on a hatred of immigration.

Imho this country will fall apart without them as I can't think of anyone more work shy or more of a burden to the welfare system then the indigenous people of Britain.

Edit: my opinion is based on 15 years working in the public healthcare system.
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Smelly Dog

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let the voters vote and let the majority speak, I hope there is no ballot rigging and everything is done legally so that it truly is the majority winning and not some rigged vote, same goes for our US vote in November.

I can't say I give a crap cause I have no idea what's going on over in Britain and the whole EU thing, I just wish ya'll the best whatever the outcome comes out to.
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Enter the Dragon
Not European but in simplistic terms I look at the EU as much like my country. A couple of states/countries carry the burden for the rest of the bludgers & subsidize them all the way.


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World should all stick together, this old countries and borders thing might be fizzled out in the end!
It would be a little spooky if UK left, not North Korea spooky though.
Then the British love Spain and France for holidays?
It's funny how UK never took on the currency.
I thought that Euro currency would be the strongest thing ever but it never did get strong yet!


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I was thinking about it recently and suddenly wondered... if the UK leaves the EU, then they won't be able to play the Euromillions lottery any more, right? Well I can't see that happen, too much at stake!


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Well the poles are open and the results clock is ticking....

I find it interesting when people say nationality doesn't matter, yet seem to have an issue when I want to call myself English, if it doesn't matter, why the objection to what I call myself?

UK is not a country it is a Kingdom (currently a Queendom) and the UK was an illegal change to our constitution when the current monarch was crowned, a change made by the cabinet at the time, and I do not recognise its legality. A piece of factual history for those that didn't know!

I find it interesting that Trump has decided to visit UK today, where they are already flying the Mexican flag in Scotland as a protest :lol:

I wonder if we do leave whether Scotland will want another referendum, the UK could look very different after the dust has settled from the EU vote.

If the only down side from leaving is not being able to play the Euro Millions lottery, I think we can live with that!


I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too
Unfortunately I fear the consequences will be far worse.

I'm from the Channel Islands. They have there own laws amd taxes and it's a poxy desolate tax haven for the rich where you can't buy a spliff and people are dying from 'legal highs'.

We need to join together. Not devide and be conquered.

Exit will be a step back. Imo.

This thread has compelled me to vote today.


The sound of vapor
While I couldn't care less if UK was out of EU seeing how many Britons are so proud of being on their island, not having the euro as a currency and generally don't consider themselves European (even though from a geographic point of view, they are), what I'm worried about is if it happens then the city and the agencies that rate countries economy are gonna mess with Europe even more than they have so far so Portugal might be the new Greece for instance...

I tend to believe that common sense would be to remain in the EU because of all the economical benefits and how it'd create a fracture within it (outside of UK I don't think British people are the most liked ones but watch if they exit EU how British tourists will be appreciated even less on holidays) but some people might just see that because of the EU that Polish plumber is stealing the job of a British one and so it has to stop... The economy is fucked up for farmers? They cannot sell high enough? Well ask yourself if it's because of the EU or Tesco and co making sure the pint of milk sells for less than a quid...


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Globalization is there to stay, it doesn't care about borders, we live in the Internet age. If you guys think the EU is putting you under unfair competition with say East European countries, do you seriously imagine exiting will stop Chinese or Indian workers from undercuting you?


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>> This thread has compelled me to vote today.

That's put a smile on my face if this thread has inspired you to vote, even if it isn't in the direction I would like. People died to give us the right to vote and I feel strongly that everyone should exercise their right to vote, regardless of their persuasion. In France I believe it is illegal to not vote!

I don't believe we would be economically worse off leaving, it's actually been proven we pay out far more than we get back and Europe isn't going to stop selling us stuff just because we left!

I don't see leaving the EU as a step back, not if it means we embrace the common wealth the way we should have in the first place. A common wealth for every citizen on the planet, NOT the select few in the EU!

I don't need to be in some club to be friends with the French or Germans, unless they treat us differently because we are out, we weren't in the EU in 1914 or 1939, but we still stepped up to the plate to help defend our friends in Europe when the shit hit the fan, and we would do the same again for any of our allies in Europe should the need arise.

We certainly don't need a federal European army, we have the UN and NATO and that should be where we pool our resources and work together for a peaceful planet.

Europe wont suddenly become our enemy just because we aren't in some political club, so your 2 weeks in Benidorm should be fine!

Edit: @°k I assume you have seen The Big Short? , Credit rating agencies, don't make me laugh, they are bent as a nine-bob note!
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The sound of vapor
Globalization is there to stay, it doesn't care about borders, we live in the Internet age. If you guys think the EU is putting you under unfair competition with say East European countries, do you seriously imagine exiting will stop Chinese or Indian workers from undercuting you?
I certainly agree with you on the globalization aspect as companies/lobbies/banks don't really care about borders, they find their sneaky ways regardless. That said if your point regarding the workers from different countries was to counter the Polish plumber stealing the British plumber's job then a Chinese or Indian plumber would first have to get a work permit for the UK whereas any one from the EU can come work in the UK (and anyone from the UK can work wherever they want in Europe!). And I love the EU for that as I've been able to work in Germany, Spain and UK without any administrative issue (for the record my job had to be done by a native French person so I wasn't "stealing" anyone's job, on the contrary I was helping locals having a job too in a way).

In France I believe it is illegal to not vote!
It is perfectly legal to not even be registered on the list in France but apprently in Australia if you don't vote and can't give a valid reason for doing so then you get a fine.


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It is perfectly legal to not even be registered on the list in France but apprently in Australia if you don't vote and can't give a valid reason for doing so then you get a fine.
ah right, I was discussing this with the wife this morning and she said France, but I had a nagging feeling it was Australia! - Should have googled before relaying incorrect hearsay :doh:

I personally don't consider immigrants as stealing jobs, if a country has a job opening, and you are happy to emigrate to do it that's fine. that's what a point system allows.

What we can't do as a small island, is have an open door policy. Our infrastructure, services etc cannot cope with 300k a year population increase every year, if this continues we might sink!

Seriously though, I don't know anyone in the leave campaign that thinks "bloody immigrants", that's BS perpetrated by the remain campaign. Here at work we have a Polish, Romania, German, French and Bangladeshi people working here, I have no issues with that.

I think the lady in accounts who fasts during Ramadan and doesn't' even sip water is crazy, but that's their religion and they are welcome to practice it as long as it isn't forced upon me. She is a lovely lady and is most welcome here.

I feel Trumps rhetoric in USA has clouded people's judgement thinking anyone who wants out of the EU is as much a racist as Trump, and that simply isn't the case.


I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too
Australia it's compulsory.

Even if you're away abroad on holiday.


Not sure if prisoners get to vote there.

They still only achieve a 70% turnout. Which is of course unheard of elsewhere.

Lol the only reason I wasn't voting is because it ment agreeing with one of two of my most hated ppl on this planet.

Fuck the Tories...

Opps wrong thread.

Edit. I've voted Labour at every general and mayor election since I was 18.

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70% is still awesome compared to most turnouts.

I do think it wrong that prisoners can't vote, when a change in government could make the difference between what they did to get put in jail being illegal or not.

I have avoided all the campaigns relating to the referendum, nothing either side has to say interests me, I know which way I'm voting and nothing will change that, so don't consider myself allied to any of the people fronting either campaign.

This goes far deeper than simple party politics, there are politicians in both camps from all parties, with perhaps UKIP being the exception. Though that would be funny if a UKIP member came out as being in the remain camp!


Enter the Dragon
It is perfectly legal to not even be registered on the list in France but apprently in Australia if you don't vote and can't give a valid reason for doing so then you get a fine.

Fuckin A it is the case. Whilst it creates a lot of donkey votes it ensures everyone has a chance to vote & that is important otherwise you end up like Amerikkka . We are currently having a election campaign to elect our new Fuhrer. Our election from announcement of election to vote day is the longest in our history at 8 or 9 weeks.

The best part of any election is the mud slinging ads on TV. Base, crass & full of lies just like the parties.
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Not an Englishman but I'm throwing down a pint of Sam Smith for Old Blighty 2night!
Fuck globalism.

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Well the votes are in and UK is leaving :rockon:

It has certainly sent shock-waves through the markets for some bizarre reason, all that has currently happened is a few million people put pencil crosses on some bits of paper... calm the fuck down for fuck sake!

Cameron has resigned with a 3 months notice period, which was the right thing to do as we need someone to guide us who believe in Brexit not Bremain!

Not sure what's going to happen with Scotland, technically they need to suck it up, just like the rest of the UK had to when they voted the first time round for Scottish independence.

They knew leaving the EU was a possibility if they voted to remain in the UK, if they call for another referendum, I wonder if this time everyone in the UK would get to vote whether they want Scotland in the UK!

It would be a shame if there was another referendum and they left, which Sturgeon is already calling for, but they had their vote, they chose to stay , now UK has had its vote and chose to leave the EU.

We all need to work together to build a future for the UK, all four countries united and sovereign from Europe.


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Hi guys!

Just chimming in to say a few things:

- I just hope the EU citizens that live there with you (like lots of spanish friends of mine) have no problem staying and working there. The same applies to the brits working in the EU.

- I would love not to have to get a visa or permit when visiting my friends over there. I fucking hate that type of bureaucracy, and once you tasted the "free circulation" you really don't miss that shitty paperwork.

- I hope you guys keep coming on vacations (and when you retire!!) and keep bringing your pounds to Spain. We love your pounds. I just hope our dumbass fascist government does what it has to be done to keep that cash flowing, as lots of families depend on it.

- Sadly I will have to rethink about buying some vaping stuff in UK (vapefiend, homegrown logs...) as now I'll probably have to pay customs. I suppose the dutch, german and french shops will be happy about this!
The same applies for other non vaping material I might have bought there in the future, for me and for the business my family manages.

Other than that 4 points, I don't really care about you guys leaving the EU. I respect your decision :tup:

Actually I hope this move weakens the EU enough so the next government in Spain (please not the PopularParty again...) is able to negotiate with the Troika in better terms :haw:

I'll be watching with interest what Scotland, Northern Ireland and other british territories such as Gibraltar have to say... As it looks like around there they would like to stick with us... It would be sweet to keep buying scotch at the actual prices :brow:

Hope I don't get misunderstood guys, it¡s difficult to speak politics in a non-native language...
I respect your decision, and really envy you, I would love Spain being able to have referendums for important matters the way you do.

Wishing you all the best,


Old School Cheesy Quaver
Thanks for the kind words of encouragement.

I also hope that Europe keeps a level head and doesn't put obstacles in the way of us trading, visiting and being good friends with Europe.

I did wind up the polish girl here in the office asking why she was still here and how come the CEO hasn't given her, her P45 - She's been here 6 years and laughed as much as everyone else, especially as I had to concede that I would have to deport my own son what with him being half polish!

Seriously, if any nutter thinks this is a vote to get out the white pointy hats, they are seriously mistaken, no one wants to boot anyone out (other than the nutter extremists that plague every country). We also don't want to stop being friends and trade and holiday in Europe and Europe is most welcome to visit and work here, just in a controlled , sustainable manner.

It is interesting to see Gibraltar voting, and who can blame them for feeling more European than mainland Britain. I hope all the countries that voted to remain, will support the decision and pull together to help make it work. The last thing we need it the remain camp creating a self fulfilling prophecy of doom and gloom by not helping make Brexit work.

Lets hope we can create a trade agreement that doesn't stop you buying our products and us yours, I love visiting Madrid to watch the Red Bull X-Fighters FMX while munching some seriously tasty Patata Bravas!
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