Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals 2022

Jill NYC

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I haven’t seen any roundups yet (I.e.POTV usually does one), but I see lots of BF queries in many scattered threads.
Please add any sales you hear about to this thread.
Happy Shopping FCers!

So to start it off, here is Dynavap Black Friday that includes:
Now through November 29th, get 20% off (except Special Deals & The "B"), plus six new Special Bundles. Free domestic shipping on orders over $150.

Decent roundup over at 420vapezone.

Must...resist...VAS! But seriously, all I might grab are a few accessories for my Noir (Xmax V3 clone) if they're on sale and shipping is reasonable.
This is helpful! Eyeing the FT and Qaroma stuff. Also the TAG sale.

Edited to add: buzz has his roundup:
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As always our FC Family get first wave of discounts before releasing via email. :rockon:
  • 15% Off XL & NXT E-Nano Kits. (Standard walnut, maple, and cherry wood) CODE: 22BFNANO15
  • The very LAST OG E-NANO'S are online. They're not discounted but...
  • We have some great "one offs" for a CRAZY low $139 - $149, link to follow.
  • 20% Off all glass accessories CODE: 22BFGLASS
  • $5.90 for Shorty 14mm Micro gongs. These are very small, usable but final sale. Not for those who easily burn themselves on hot glass. ;)
  • Stands will see a sale but that you'll have to wait for :brow:
  • Free domestic shipping on orders over $49. CODE: 22BFSHIP

From the E-Nano threads ;pd;

Abele Rizieri Ferrari

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Vape wellness in uk has 20-35% off all vapes + 10% discount code vape10

Vapman and Angus both very good deals


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Storz and Bickel website biggest ever sale they say with up to 40% off, starts the 24th.
It will also be handy for spares like capsules, air filters, and bag rolls.


Also Cannabis Hardware website giving 20% off on Friday.


Elev8 Glass Gallery have changing different deals every day at this link, today sees a great seconds SSV deal!:


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Is that a good deal? 275 US? compared to their page i mean? To get a free pass through adapter isnt very black friday worthy i think.
It's also 15% off. I just ordered the lite housing since I have a coil with pinky I'm upgrading. Ordered rubies, bowls, etc from Vgoodiez because their sale is better for that stuff.
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