Best vaporizer for running thru a water source?


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Hey all,

I'm looking to get a new vaporizer that I can run through my new bong. I currently own an iolite, which i can run thru with a easyvape whip, but it works very poorly.

I want much higher vapor:air ratio to be able to milk a good sized vapor rip.
The best I've found for this would be the vapexhale but @ $450 thats a bit much.

Especially when I already have a bong (14mm).

So Ive been researching it and narrowed it down to
1. Regular v-tower ~$90 on ebay (not 100% sure how to rig this thru a bong)
2. Herbalaire ~$170 on ebay (I think the mouthpiece fits right into a bong?)
3. Myrtlezap $155 (not 100% sure how to rig this thru a bong)
4. Herborizer $230
5. Vriptech Heat Wand $200
6. MagickWand $120

My biggest concerns are:
Efficiency and how well it gets decent sized rips in a ~1.5ft halo perc'd bong.

I've been reading my head off for a while now but having trouble making a decision without firsthand experience.
Anyone have any insight?

-Thanks for your time :bowdown:


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I'm also going to say supreme from my experience with it.
You can get pretty large clouds off pinches.
If you don't mind be a little cautious then it will be a great vaporizer for you.
The Vriptech will require a little more but and it isn't a vaporizer known for Efficiency, it is known for giving the user really pure and flavorful clouds of vapor because of how clean the air path is.
Hope this helps.:)


blackbur said:
I'm also going to say supreme from my experience with it.
You can get pretty large clouds off pinches.

Definitely agree with blackbur, supreme is great with glass and you don't need a ton of herb to get big clouds :)
Also fits perfectly in a 14mm slide joint.


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Also SD another thing to keep in mind, if you want to get decent hits your probably going to want a vaporizer that has a relatively short vapor path.I used to own a Vaporbros handsfree and i used to rig it up to my hvy beaker and one thing that bothered me was the time i had to wait for the actual vapor to become filtered because of the medical grade tubing(vinyl) that was connected to the whip and water adapter.


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Best Possible match: supreme vape is the best vape (currently) on the market to match up to your bong. Your bong is on the bigger side of what I would consider ideal for vapebongig. Nso if you want to milk it then your best bet will be the sv.

However, if you want to milk it (alot), with great efficiency then my vote is for the HA. It's an amazing machine. The ha is not limited like the Mz, you can pack ridic large bowls or small ones, blow bags, temp control, it's my fav.

Both of these Vapes eliminate the need for whips, key feature of the vxc I might add. Good luck on your search.


SSV! i love it :p

big rips are best filtered imo.

*edit: i see efficiency... ok not the ssv then :D


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I use a 16" Bong with the DBV and I love it. I get massive hits and for me it's a winning combination, but I can imagine that a smaller tube would get thicker clouds for sure.

I just have to drop the tube in the downstem and nothing else. It fits like papa in mama :D



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From what you listed, I'd go with the V-tower. Although I've never used that model, I have the EQ and if bags are not a consideration (sounds like it's not) then for the price, the V-tower will do the job nicely. Just make sure you have 2 elbows and a 18mm - 14mm adapter (about $7 online).



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Just an example of my setup. Pretty convincing eh? :D Total cost: 250$.

Sorry, I know the DBV is not on your list, but that's all I have to show you... :)



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Thanks for all the posts even if I feel more conflicted now hehe.

Few more questions,

1. Does anyone know if you can just stick the herbalaire directly into a 14mm downstem?
2. Ive heard HA does bags more efficiently, is there an easy way to stick the bag mouthpiece into a 14mm downstem?
3. If you were vaporizing, say, .15g, which would work most efficiently in your opinion?
a. SV b. HA c. DBV d. LSV

-Thanks again :peace:


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I think the HA is supposed to be best in terms of even and full extraction based on this forum. I have no experience with any of the 4 though.

I have tried an SSV though, and it's awesome. I've also used my custom setup and that works really well too. What I'm trying to say is, try not to over think so much- all 4 of those vapes have plenty of fans each on this forum alone.


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Hmm...I just found you can get a Extreme-Q for 150 on ebay...dayum cheaper than the HA


Purple Days. Very short air path, very efficient, no adapters necessary, consistently strong hits but not necessarily massive.
The one concern that I have with bong vaping is accidental reverse water flow that can wreck your vape - a friend screwed up my VB by doing so.
With the PD you're safer in that regard.
I've done this with the SSV, VB and PD - all are fantastic; the SSV and VB the hits are more massive and effortless. The PD requires slightly more skill but it's easy
once you get the hang of it.
Also the PD is better if you're passing it around especially in a circle formation.
Haven't experienced a Supreme yet but this is my opinion based on what I have.


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the best hits I've gotten from anything is from my steinel heat gun and/or vriptech heat wand through a dry bong (though both tools work with filled bongs as well :D). Both methods are close to how it feels to smoke a bong, just that instead of a lighter you have a big air powered heat gun (best convection vaping you will find), or a glass wand that you hold over the bowl (lung powered convection).

Heat guns are cool, can use to take bong hits, fill balloons, thaw pipes, loosen stickers, even strip paint! They are quite versatile! A steinel LCD is as close as I've seen to being confident in vape temp, variable temps at least :)
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