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woops maybe this is it....







woohoo!! theres the kids!

you cant see the ashcatcher/perc on the nautilis very well. shoulda turned it sideways

dorkus_molorkus said:
well this is how it went. i put about .06-.08 of herb in the wand & the dial just on about 9oclock(at 830 its off)
pull 3 nice ripps, stir pull 2more both thinner than the 1st 3.

remove wand, crank up to 1230ish, stir.
pull 2 really, really thin ripps.

turn dial to 3oclock-, stir, pull twice, nuthin.
stir, pull again, nuthin.

reset back to 9oclock go away for 30mins.

after 30 mins-load on top of the ABV now in the wand some QWISO'd ABV & kief hashy type stuff.(about
2 pinheads worth)
and pull at 9oclock twice. nuthin.
stir, pull again, nuthin

move dial to 12oclock, wait a min or 2.
pull about 3 wispy, thin looking ripps, then nuthin.
stir, pull, nuthin.

turn up to 3oclock & wait
stir, pull, a small amount of vapor, barely anything to mention.
pull, nuthin, stir , pull , nuthin

set the dial back to 9oclock & wait 30 mins.
empty out the ABV from the wand & the hashy stuff looks barely touched, so I reload it with about .1 of fresh herb & another small piece of hashy stuff (about the head of a match worth)

I then pull 3 nice ripps at the 9oclock setting, then 2 a bit thinner.
removed the wand, moved the dial to 1230ish, stir, then pull another 3 nice ripps.

remove the wand, turn the dial to 3oclock
wait 2 mins, stir, then pull another 3-4 ripps & another 2 pretty goods ones, stiring every 2nd hit.
2 more wispy one & its all over. the popcorn taste is quite strong, but I dont taste burning or smoke.

I tip out the wand & the ABV is very nearly black, if I didnt know any better I'd say i'd combusted.
But as i said, no smoke or burning taste, just a pretty strong popcorn tatste & smell, but again not unpleasant.

here I was patting myself on the back for getting the learning curve sorted quick. but surely, having it so hot at its lowest setting is not how it should be.

It seems to be perfectly functionable for my purposes of vapebonging, I guess as long thats all its doing, I can live with it.
yea if its getting almost black you cooking it for a little too long IMHO. I vape at high temps as well and when i'm done with a bowl(probably .08 or so, doesn't even register on my scale which starts at .1) it is tanish almost brown in color and I get 3-4 fat rips and 2-3 smaller ones. Usually I just take 3 fat rips and I'm high as shit then I wait and save the rest for later.

EDIT: lets see if I can get a good picture of the two side by side. Well I'm going to go vape a little and I'll take a pic of it then.

SUPER DUPER EDIT: Ok here is the pic. This is a little darker looking stuff due to it coming from blueberry kush and not this no name(what is the green stuff on the right). I see if I can get an actual comparison of the EXACT same bud side by side. But my stuff is never black, now it is really really brown. Some strains don't even get that brown at all. I guess it depends.




About tubing. I have bought bulk food grade tubing that is the purest for 1.51 per foot, at US PlasticsTygon Food/Bevrage Tubing...
But I must say this about the SSV/DBV tubing.. that many may not know.
7th Floor had a manufacturer make food beverage grade tubing, that is designed to be much softer, therefore makes a great seal. In order to get this extra soft tubing made.. they had to order enough to go around the earth something like 9 times!
I do use other tubing, to help folks out with free parts.... but I like the SSV/DBV stock best(it forms to the inside of wands best and seems to adhere due to the softness.
When it comes down to saving money though... the bottom line is all of the safe food grade tubes will work as long as it is the right size (3/8" I.D. 1/2" O.D.)!



With the Buddha, you don't always see vapor in the whip.. but when you stop drawing, you will often see the vapor "freeze up" in it's motion in the wand and tube. Unless very thick, it is not always easy to see moving vapor in the tube.
Keep finding your way... This part is half the voyage, and a good deal of the fun...
different strains produce different densities of visible vapor also.. take your time.. you only get to be new and explore once! ;)



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I preferred the old wand. This one is harder for me to change the screen and it holds less. For newer users this will be a better thing but I wish they had the old wands available still. The old wands delivered more fuller draw like the SSV in my view. The new wand changed the draw and personality of the DBV for me but I still enjoy it very much but I no longer say I want for no other. With that said, in the same price range the DBV is my highest quality choice followed by the vapor bros.

The SSV I consider a bit a better which brings to me regarding the DBV to SSV aspects. For hands free I would consider the DBV but, if your willing to accept that you may have to replace your wand for the SSV every year or so. Which I have seen no reports or issues with. Than the SSV may be more appealing. The issue is many people view the down angle of the SSV an issue with ground glass because it is at a downward angle with nothing but ground glass holding it in place. The concern is how long until that ground glass gets worn and is no longer effective at holding it in place.

Now the SSV is like a sports car in the vaporizer market in my view. It is the corvette or what car you like and thus due to that aspect and the fact it truly can deliver power draws will appeal to many right their. It has the fancy body and glass but I chose my DBV due to economic reasons when they released and have loved it since.

Though the Zephyr takes more of my vaping time. I used to speak on vaporizers and would lend the DBV out from time to time to sick people who were ill to see if it would help them. For a high quality vaporizer at a nice price point as far as vaporizers go, the DBV is generically my first recommendation but that must be tailored to what the vapists needs and wants are.



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Does the vapour released after a DBV hit mean i am hitting too hard on it and letting useful vapour out
Yes, IMO you can waste vapor with big exhales. You can only process so much vapor at a time. But taking small hits and holding 'em, every single time, isn't much fun, so it's best to balance your process somewhere between conservation and enjoyable vaping. It depends on the individual's requirements. If you really need to stretch your supply, due to cost and/or availabiltiy, you might want to vape with a little more discipline, to limit big exhales.



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thatoneguyaz said:
It was my understanding that the slower you hit it the better, is this correct?
That depends on your temp setting. Draw speed determines the vaping temp, along with the dial setting. A higher temp setting, with a fresh bowl, should be used with a strong draw, unless you're looking for a high temp hit right off the bat. That's OK, if it's what you want, but going high temp right away will use up your bowl contents in a hurry. And of course a strong, fast draw at a lower temp setting may take your vaping temp too low to even produce vapor. So you have to take draw speed into consideration when you set the temp. Use a speed that's comfortable for you, and adust the temp dial accordingly. Those who are used to hitting a bong really hard will probably be more comfortable with a higher dial setting than someone who prefers a nice, easy draw. This is all part of the learning curve with a whip vape, and something to keep in mind when multiple people are using. The dial setting for person A may be perfect for their draw speed, but may be really off for person B, who has a very different hitting style.



sweet spot X lung comfort draw Lung capacity/cheek-suctioncontrol = Well medicated Vaporist :ko:


Vapor Partisan

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Vitolo said:
You do not have to connect place the thin metal sleeve in place, and slide the HC down. if it is loose , take the sleeeve off, and gently squeeze it this way and that slightly out of round here and theer. do this until the HC is snug. There is no other attaching needed.
I am looking now. Squeeze the top of the metal cylinder one way, and the bottom the other. ( BE GENTLE).. and this should make entire situation snug.
Take pictures if you can
Thanks for the quick response.

I'm not having trouble attaching the heater cover or any intermediate metal spacers to the metal cylinder that goes around the base of the heating element. I'm following the directions on 7th Floor's website and that bit is working fine. Where I'm having trouble is firmly connecting that metal cylinder to the thick aluminum plate at the base of the exposed part of the heating element. There's a circular hole around the heating element where this cylinder is supposed to fit snugly but where mine is fairly insecure. After lots of testing I'm fairly certain that this particular connection is responsible for the heater cover flopping around and bending the heating element whenever I've attempted to use it in the last few days.

Following your suggestion, here's a picture of my unit with the heater cover removed. The piece I'm having trouble with is the only one around the heating element.

Again, my questions were whether you guys think replacing the metal cylinder would help, and if so how to do that, and whether you think gluing it in place would work to steady things/what kind of glue to use.

Vapor Partisan,


I may not have explained well. The cylinder can be removed. then you can work it's shape a little bit, and get it just right.
If this doesn't work for you, the suggestion to contact 7th floor is sure a good one...
A reminder.. this weekend is the Las Vegas Vapefest, spo many of the vape manufacturers could be out of town!



The tubing can be cleaned.
It may remain discolored on the end nearest the DBV... but the tube you see here is dead clean.
I wash it out with dish soap and hot water.. and rinse well, with a cool rinse after, and dry it with a shopvac.
I have used the tube in this picture all day every day for a bit over 2 years.
I clean my wand with Iso and dish soap and water every few days also (I do save the Iso rinse form the glass)
I do have a second wand/whip I use, for company.. it is a year old, and it also is yellowed a bit but still supple and smells fine!

You can run Iso or everclear though them for a wash first, but I don't do that very often, as I wash the tubes regularly!
(I am on my original screen on that wand also!)



VapeNStone said:
I have noticed that if you run ISO through the tubes you can never get that taste/smell of the alcohol out of them. That is why I just replace rather than clean.
Agreed.. that is why:
Vitolo said:
You can run Iso or everclear though them for a wash first, but I don't do that very often, as I wash the tubes regularly!
I use Hot water and Dish Soap (I like Dawn). After a hot water rinse, I follow with a long cold water rinse.
The tube in that picture is pretty clean and supple for a 2 year old tube.
I encourage fully the buying of new tubes.. it helps the Vaporizer industry grow and thrive!! :)
I was just saying that tubes can be cleaned and used forever... to help and encourage folks out there with limited funds to get on the train and VAPE!



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akwardsauce said:
AMTA said:
Just wanted to let everyone know that 7th floor gave me the green light on the SSV glass for my Buddha. I don't have the cash quite yet, but I have a check coming any day now. I'll post again when I receive my glass.

do you happen to know how much this upgrade actually costs? im guessing you just have to buy a new glass heater cover & new glass wand?

i actually still dont even have a DBV yet, but i figure the costs will be useful to know for the future...and how do you go about ordering it? do you have to email 7th floor or just go directly through their website? because they do not seem to respond to my emails...and yes, i emailed tokin, too without a response...

Strange, as they responded to me pretty quickly. They said the HC will cost $14.99 and will be added to the glass shop's order list. Then I have to wait 4-6 weeks for them to finish it. The email didn't mention anything about extra cost, but I will obviously be picking up an SSV wand as well so that will add to the cost (I couldn't imagine using the DBV wand with the SSV HC). The standard wand on the website is also $14.99 so I'm looking at about $30 plus shipping.



FYI, you CAN use the DBV wand with the SSV standard HC. I did it when I broke my first VB mini wand. It's not as good but it does work, especially with the new DBV wand which has a wider mouth. I got a standard SSV wand with my back-up HC last time I ordered and it works great, but I just prefer the smaller loads with the VB mini wand. If you're interested you can still get the mini wand, just not the whole whip at VaporWarehouse. The mini wand fits inside the DBV tubing nicely. VB mini wand

Don't forget screens!!!!



In fact PVC is a sort of Vinyl, and yes Wat is right: 7th Floor tubing ain't silicone but high & food grade vinyl.
I switched to silicone on day 1 and will never look back:
-High temps and freezing resistant too!
-No flavor/odor at all...
Only pros, the only con being the price of silicone vs. vinyl...



I know and Vape World is wrong (already discussed but do not remember where...)... The 7th floor original tubing is the described food grade vinyl on their website. And yes though it collects less particulates then standard silicone...I do distinctly feel an added flavor when I use it vs. silicone. The temp resistance is much wider with silicone, and you can also find silicone with the same ability not to collect to much particulates...
Anyhow, I am not saying that 7th floor vinyl is unsafe, just that I prefer medical grade silicone! ;)



It has not changed.
It is far better than silicone, because it is material that they had formulated and specially manufactured for 7th Floor.
Here is an article that discusses the difference between these two very acceptable whip materials.
Silicone vs. Vinyl
If you read the whole thing you will learn about features of each, and realize that vinyl can be used as a base, but that silicone is flexible in a very special way.
This will account for why the material was referred to as vinyl in the "contents".
It stands to reason that since this tubing was specially manufactured for 7th Floor, that it uses components of both vinyl and silicone, since these components are VERY closely tied, and chemically compatible to create the best and safest tube for use of this nature



OK, I've been lax on my review of the Saturn, but I will say it's definitely worth the $10 more than the Fatty. I'm not sure if it's THAT much cooler temperature wise, but the vapor path is much bigger and it stays cooler longer. The draw is nearly the same as 7th floor tubing. The outer diameter of the Fatty is 1.28" while the Saturn is a whopping 1.975". Wish I had an original to compare, but I'm not even gonna bother with it. I've said it before, but I've never had a hit as cool as one from a Vapor Tamer, and I've used all kinds of ice bongs. I'll try and get a video made tomorrow, I'm just getting over the flu... :-(




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Vitolo said:
I don't care to hear about Iso being bad, and "attacking" the tubing... I do not care.. and have already posted a dozen posts proving that SSV/DBV tubing is the best, and that Iso can not harm it!

Vitolo, you may not care to hear about ISO being bad (or "attacking" the tubing) but that doesn't stop the present (possible) danger. I think its also important to draw a distinction between your anecdotal "proofs" (which I would love to read by the way) and scientific proofs. It may be the case that you have assured yourself that cleaning your whips with ISO is safe, please do not tell others however that this is objectively safe because you feel so (now would be the time for some objective proofs, i.e. NOT I clean my whip everyday and it seems fine). There's a difference between apparently safe cleaning practices, i.e. no obvious leeching and/or residual smell, and a manufacturer that guarantees chemical inertness through an ISO rinse.

I don't mean to attack, just think its important to choose words wisely here. I'm not even suggesting that you're utilizing unsafe cleaning practices, simply, when telling others what is safe (and/or "best") it would be nice to reference a company's product specs/claims instead of user reports.

Further, putting forth that the "SSV/DBV tubing is the best" borders on fanboyism IMO. There's nothing (necessarily) wrong with standing by a company that has done you well, its just that your use of "best" in this case seems to refer to some objective evaluation and not the subjective view that you're actually putting forth (or, maybe I should ask, is the SSV/DBV tubing objectively the best for some reason I'm not aware of?).

Again, I hope that this does not seem like an attack for the sake of it but a (hopefully) productive comment. If ISO is safe for use, post up the official reasons why (like NTD did by posting this link in this post) not a video of you cleaning your whip.

BTW, you note in another thread (here) that:

From personal experience I found that Isopropyl will eventually either discolor, fog, or dry out my tubes if I reuse and reclean for a year. The grain alcohol has never dried out a tube, and does clean them.

I just think this is worth mention...discoloration, fogging and/or drying are symptoms I'd be wary of. Something is going on there it seems...proceed as you please. Everyone, researching product safety (which I wouldn't be surprised if you did Vitolo) is a worthy exercise to complete for oneself IMO. One last time, I hope not to seem like I'm blindly attacking for the sake of it, just my :2c:



hereatlast is 100% correct.
My findings that 7th Floor Tubing being the best may not be the same findings for others that have tested.
I do my testing here at my own home, two group homes and at one hospice. A very small sampling on the scheme of things.
At my home, I serve only 2-3 SSV/DBV owners needs a week.. a total of maybe 2 dozen SSV/DBV owners.
24 other owners are also very few among all of us!
My criteria is also very imperfect. I bought only Food and Medical grade tubing from the few manufacturers I found that carried it. Poor research, I am sure there are lots more.
I also accepted 7th Floor's literature at its word when it discussed the tubings standards in relation to industry standards.
All of that being said, if the tubing has the same food/beverage grade specs why would I say it is better?
Because the tubing was manufactured especially for 7th Floor LLC.
After many years vaping and helping patients learn to vape, and all the time put in repairing vapes as a community service, I have grown to trust the validity of 7th Floor specs.
They used the same food beverage grade tubing but had it manufactured to be more supple and with a higher tolerance to heat. When this was initially done, it was publicized, that due to the chemical processes in achieving this special formula of tubing they had to commit themselves to an order of enough tubing to circle the earth 9 times!
You all have the same access to all of the same pieces of tubing that I have and you all can take a piece of each and subject them all to the tortures I have... leave them soak in alcohol.
I surely do not need to post tubing experiment photos here when there are so few hours in the day, and so many facets of vape use to explore.
I apologize to hereatlast and all of you if I seemed unresponsive.
Every word I post is my opinion.
Go on... ask me what tubing is best.
By asking me you are asking my opinion, and I will give it.
SSV/DBV tubing is the best.
Someone else may give a different answer. (and it will be up to you to decide in the end!)



@Frederick and the others:
Weight comparison and MOD description of the diferent options to increase significantly the "efficienc" of your DBV/SSV were done a few months ago.
I own 5 mini whips (before they were out of stock), many arizer dome screens, and a few wands (fatty, normal, etc...) and still switch from a method to another depending on situations! ;)
BTW a very important factor of effectiveness frecuently forgotten by 7th floor users is the length between the lips of the wand and the screen position! There can be a big difference as they are hand blown and that creates significant temp differences from a wand to another! ;)



Zen Masters(and Mistresses)! A repost from our SSV thread...

The past few weeks have seen us here at 7th Floor working expeditiously so that everyone is able to have a vapetastic holidays. I haven't been able to be on all really...for some time, but have taken some time to review our forums today and address any needs. As always, the discussion on our threads is more cerebral and mature than I see on other companies threads here. I hope that means we are doing something right...putting all of our effort into make the best vapes on the planet. We, as a company, are just like you all, many different backgrounds that come together for one common goal...and like you all, we only want the best.

Lately we haven't been able to provide the level of customer service that you expect, due to us just getting hammered by emails, phone calls, etc, lately. We haven't been able to respond to all of them in a timely manner. Ideally, I would like a 30 minute turnaround on emails and phone calls that we can't answer immediately. But right now this just isn't possible. Having read the forums from before my time at 7th Floor, I new that customer service needed to get better, and get better fast...and of course I hope that it has. But know that our inability to return your communication as fast as you would like is due to the business of building vapes occasionally taking precedence. As a rapidly growing company, we constantly debate adding new employees...we never want leverage ourselves our too far as labor costs are our #1 expense. So we only add people to the family when we are bursting at the seams. Its a conservative approach, one that obviously has it consequences in regards to customer service. But its an approach we take because we are in this for the long run; we want to pass this company on to our children, not make a quick buck and get out. But - without a stellar product and a great relationship with our customers, we can't achieve our goals. In that light...we have doubled our CS team. None of us like hearing that it took too long to return a call or an email, so please know that we are doing everything in our power to resolve this and make the experience better.

8 years ago this company started in a single room of a home...and today has grown to 37 proud and dedicated employees that are truly committed to making, and enjoying, the greatest vape on earth. We know that we have the freshest tasting, hardest hitting, most customizeable vapes you can buy, and we will never stop trying to make them better. Through our experience and of course your input, we relentlessly pursue this goal. So we take this moment to thank you for everything. From all of us, to all of you. THANK YOU!

We float around slogans for 7th Floor as a company quite often, but always come back to one: 'We are You' .

We keep coming back to it because we feel it isn't so much a slogan, as it is the truth.

discount code - fc15 - gets all of you 15% until Jan 2, all our sites. (you must be logged in for the code to work) And of course,



max said:
Soulhunter said:
I thought SSV was better at vaping evenly since u can move the wand around?
I don't know why you'd think that a much narrower air stream, even with moving the wand, would provide more even vaporizing. It's kind of like comparing a laser pointer to a flashlight. The SSV definitely requires more stirring with the standard HC/wand setup.

Our experience is that this is only true with the GG setup. SGG, and Standard setups have so much flexibility of angle(one with massive airflow, one more focused) that generally you can get even coverage...your 'driving' or 'steering' the heat around the matter/chamber. Obviously not an exact process, but it works. I still stir like crazy though, as I don't use a grinder; I prefer to grind with the pick as I go. But...everyone does it differently, that's why we all need so many options!

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