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Battery Vapor Genie

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al bundy

Good to see you Iwien
I know, its in the back of the Rolling stone with Jimmy Page on the cover
In the Holiday Gift Guide Section.
Says coming soon.I took a picture of the page with my cell phone.
i have no scanner and i cant post pictures but its there.
And i dont have image shack or anything like that.
any mod pm me an email and i will send it to you to post.
al bundy,

al bundy




Looks like a switch or push button nest to the battery...


I can imagine a VaporGenie without fire that would remain compatible and yet offer even cleaner alternatives perhaps.

But right now i see nothing about a battery-operated vaporizer on the manufacturer's web site and Google found nothing neither...


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This is Dan from VaporGenie.

That RS ad includes a picture of our new battery-powered portable vaporizer. Its coming soon, but its not quite ready for sales listing on our website. We're still waiting on some parts. Maybe we jumped the gun a little bit, but whatever. We had some extra room in the RS so we threw it in. I was wondering if people would notice and I'm glad people did!

Our new product is definitely inspired by the MFLB-a product I admire very much. We carefully avoided infringing the MFLB patent or copying the MFLB design, so please dont call it a knockoff.

So, here are some of the features of our new product:
1) A borosilicate glass window, with magnetic attachment. Magnetic attachment does not allow glass to swivel so it wont come open in your pocket.
2) No plastic and no plastic-y smell. Its all wood, metal (stainless steel and bronze), and borosilicate glass, except for the mouthpiece and battery indicator electronics (lead free, ROHS-compliant).
3) A large lithium (LiFePO 18650) battery. Our battery will provide an estimated 2.3x more vapor per battery charge compared to MFLB (We assume that heat energy is proportional to vapor production). The 2.3x factor is based on actual measurements of the energy (watt-minutes) delivered to the vaporization chamber (the battery delivers 2.3x more energy than the AA NiMH battery used in the MFLB).
4) An LED battery indicator (red/yellow/green) will indicate when battery is becoming dangerously discharged. This allows the user to avoid over-discharge battery damage, resulting in longer battery life.
5) A smooth spring-loaded momentary contact switch. Allows for simple, convenient control of heat application, instead of pressing/pulling on battery.
6) Repairability. User can disassemble, clean and replace parts. For example, if the body becomes soaked, too dirty or otherwise damaged, just replace it. Entire device comes apart with a single tool. Replacement parts will be available on our website at low cost.

Any questions?



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Sounds great Dan. Best of luck to you and your new product! Looking forward to the release!

al bundy

It looks to me like the battery and the block its resting/attached to could be removed and turned 180* so the batt slides into/over the "bowl".
al bundy,


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Price point is $120.

Since the product is modular and repairable, early adopters will be able to benefit from product improvements that come later. However, we dont have any future improvements waiting in the wings. The product we are going to launch is the most up to date design. We aren't holding anything back.

We are going for a "steam punk" aesthetic-a device having an "old fashioned" intuitive mechanical operation but benefiting from the latest manufacturing technology.Thats one of the reasons why there is essentially no plastic.

What we really need is a name, LOL. Anyone want to suggest a name? I have been calling it the "E-VG" but I dont like that name. We will give a free unit and VG pipe of your choice to the person who suggests the name we use (and that doesnt interfere with anyone else's trademark). The name issue is critical. We need one right away.

"It looks to me like the battery and the block its resting/attached to could be removed and turned 180* so the batt slides into/over the "bowl"."

I'm not sure I understand this comment/question. The block is a single piece of wood. In the RS picture shown, the battery is fully inserted.


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ElectroGenie (EG)
ElectaGenie (ELG)
PoweredVG (PVG)
Volt-A-Vapor (VV)


ohm genie
rocket box
hot box
watt box
hot watter
switch hitter
flower box
buddy box

OK, I think I'm done. For now. :D

one more... VG Elevator


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VG "Genius"

From Wikipedia:
The word genie in English is derived from Latin genius, meant a sort of tutelary or guardian spirit thought to be assigned to each person at their birth. English borrowed the French descendant of this word, génie; its earliest written attestation in English, in 1655, is a plural spelled "genyes."

Or maybe the VG "Eden". Named after my personal favorite genie, er "Jeannie", Barbara Eden. ;)

Or how 'bout the VG "Volt". Fuck Chevrolet. :goon:
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