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Attempt at medical e cig juice (your thoughts please)


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Hey how's it going???
So, I'm gonna try making some juice, (I got a v stick by acuvape)...
My first attempt, so any tips or pointers are welcome.
(Looking for something both good for pain and the mind) ;-}

This is what I got, and am thinking about doing...

3g quality dry flowers, ground, not decarbed...
192 proof pga

So Im gonna toss the now ground flowers into a jar, toss those and my rocket fule into the freezer... tomorrow I'll pour the alcohol on the flowers, toss that back in the freezer. Let set 24 hours, strain, repeat. Pour all that into another small jar and let evaporate off... add 1.5 ml each pg and vg, set in a hot water bath to evaporate any left pga, and enjoy....

What you guys think...?
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