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Hi Superconductor,

I'm not a V-tower owner myself, but from what I understand it's pretty common for Vaporizers (and in particular the V-tower and extreme) to not accurately report the temperature of the herb, as the heat sensor is not positioned close enough to the actual herb chamber/bowl.

First of all, I'd check that there's not a fault with the heating element itself by increasing the unit's operating temperature in increments until you get proper vapor produced and the spent herb turns the correct dark brown color. If you can get to that, then it's probably nothing to worry about - just remember that desired temp (assuming the v-tower doesn't remember it for you) and get on with enjoying your vapor! :)

One feature that would be nice for just these sorts of situations would be some kind of 'calibrate' setting, where you could tell the machine the approximate difference between what it's detecting and what's actually happening in the herb chamber, and it would update the displayed temperature accordingly.


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illadelph said:
hey this vape is now called the extreme vaporizer. click the link in my sig for help and info on your vape.
Thanks. Mine is called the v-tower because it did not come with the bag, air blower and remote control.

It's still sold as v-tower at least on the site where i bought it.

Should there be two forums? One for the Extreme and the other for the v-tower since there are major differences; like the balloon function?



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The Digital V-Tower is the same exact unit as the Extreme, just without bag fill. The original unit Arizer came out with was the analog V-Tower.
I have cranked the temperature up to 395F and my weed just gets slightly less green; not even really yellow.
Maybe you should increase the temp. A good temp range for the 3rd generation unit, according to stickstones, is 230-250 C, which is about 450-480 F. You have to keep in mind with the Arizer vapes, that the temp on the display is not the actual vaping temp. Have you read his Vaporpedia article? If you haven't, you should.


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In fact, funny story about that. I mailed it in from Canada, as I live in Australia and vapes are a bit naughty here. It was three days over the maximum postage time when my mate looked out the window... what IS that box down the side of the house? It's all wet! Is that a postage stamp?!

Fucking posties.

Anyhoo, no harm, no foul. I also got a Sharpstone in the mail today, saw down a deadline three weeks in the making and my crop is finally dry enough to hit.

So yes, I'm very, very high.

On with the review!

The first thing that struck me was how flimsy the V-Tower felt. It's just as light as a butterfly, and not in the good cellphone way. The base is hollow plastic, for example. The buttons on the front are cheaper than cheap (you know that ultra-silver coated plastic you see on cheap toys) and the users' manual is pretty much barely literate. I know I may well be the only person on the planet who still gives a crap about spelling and grammar but goddamn. Make an effort. At least give it a spellcheck, fer chrissakes.

Anyhoo, within seconds I'm grinding my herb and setting a temp on the very easy-to-read LCD screen. I went all the way for 260C because I roll like that and here's a funny thing - in my bong days I had gorilla lungs and could pull anything made by man or beast. Despite all that, vapour makes me cough up a rib.

I dialled it back to 230 and got into it - I notice the weed seems to just suck up into the elbow whenever you give it a decent heave but elbowpacking's better anyway.

Ahhh. Elbowpacking. It's the only way to go.

The high? It feels a little like hyperventilation to begin with. It's more of a warm buzz than a necrotic drool machine. It takes a while to kick in and wears off faster, IMO. But it's cleaner and healthier. I'm not sure about the high being BETTER, but I can vouch that when the stoned feeling gets gone it stays gone and I see far less potential for bongovers the next day. No more drifting around feeling like you just lost a chromosome.

I don;t see what the problem is with the V-Tower on the whip. Any thicker than that and you're basically smoking anyway so you may as well give it up and go buy a pipe.

I think the V-Tower is a very simple, well-designed product. I think it feels VERY flimsy, those buttons on the front are just busting to lose the silver-plate and reveal their plastic hides and I don't care how nerdy it is to lose a part of your soul every time you see "Warranty's" referring not to something warranty owns, but multiple warranties who wanted an apostrophe anyway.

Speaking of warranty's, the heater is covered for life which i was very surprised about.

I'm thrilled to bits to kick my old stinking bong out the door and finally clear up those drifts of empty cigarrette casings and dead matches from my floor. And no more lighter hunts! Bliss.


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Glad you like your new vape. :)

I don;t see what the problem is with the V-Tower on the whip. Any thicker than that and you're basically smoking anyway so you may as well give it up and go buy a pipe.
Ahh, but you're using the little known, underground, elbow packing method. Makes a big difference. It wasn't designed to be used like that. And vapor density has nothing to do with temp, so your comment about thicker vapor being akin to smoke is in error. ;)


Another Aussie V-Tower owner.

Prior to June this year,I had never even heard of the term vaporizer in connection with weed.I must have read everything I could from the 'net for a week and decided that I had to take the plunge.

I've been smoking for over 35 years.Naturally claims that vaping got one higher for a smaller expenditure of green were attractive,it was the health benefits that I wanted to experience.

There were a lot of different opinions of the 'best' temperature settings.I decided to start low and experiment with different levels.I tried using the cyclone bowl at low temps(on a 2010 model which maxes-out at 260C)the flavour was gorgeous,but I didn't feel real stoned.It felt nice,just not quite 'stoned'.I tried 190C and this was better.Then I read about packing the elbow screen.

Now we are getting somewhere.

Packing the elbow screen seemed to concentrate the vapour,such that I now felt like I was getting a 'good toke'.Progessively I began increasing the temperature.200,210,215.The flavour changes as the temperature increases and the vapour gets thicker and makes me cough more.I read somewhere that some university said that Delta 9 THC vaporizes at 226C.I set the read-out to 230 and for quite a few weeks I'm happy that this is the sweet spot.Further experimentation proved 235C to ruin the flavour but conversely 240C restores the flavour and pumps-up the stone.240C is where I leave the unit now.

For first-time Vapers;The stone is different to combusting.Setting the temp too low initially doesn't help the transition from combusting to Vaping either.I chewed through 3 times my normal rate of weed consumption for the first 2 months because I wasn't getting high enough and was compensating for that with higher consumption.I have probably also gotten used to the effect,but definitely I have gotten more satisfaction by using the V-Tower at 230-240C(240 preferred.230 great but different).

I have only read once of a person passing-out whilst using the Vaporizer.I do it about once every 30 occasions,so make sure you are sitting down when you toke.

Another thing I noticed is that the V-Tower seems to concentrate the heat on the elbow screen to a particular 'spot'(visualise a particular quadrant of the screen).It seems like one part goes brown sooner than the rest .I rotate the elbow(in reference to the body of the V-tower) four times on successive draws of the whip in order to rotate the area of the elbow screen upon which the 'hot=spot' contacts.

Well that's my contribution to this thread.I adore vaping.Having used a bong since 1975,I now could count on two hands the number of times I have bonged at home in the last 6 moths.If I can help it,I take the vaporizer with me when visiting smoker friends.Many of them love it also.

Wand Honey !!!! Wow !!! What a bonus.When one uses the whip,a slight amount of the vapour condenses along the tubing and fittings(mostly at the elbow end).After one has been using their vaporizer for a while regularly one will notice a golden viscous liquid dribbling slowly along the length of the whip.DO NOT LOSE THIS GOLDEN OOZE.Store your whip between uses such that the honey doesn't run-out.Eventually one can try to collect it by letting it run-out into a catcher.I use Isopropyl to rinse it out,but eventually it degrades the tubing making it hard and uinflexible(don't let the Iso stay in the tubing longer than necessary).The honey is f*cking potent cannabis oil.Coat some herb with it before vaping and get blasted for ages.

That's my two cents.


I'm planing on purchasing a used V tower tomorrow for $100. However I've read that the V tower does not have a clean air pathway. I'm wondering if this is true any help would be appreciated

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Howdy folks, my first post here on FC. Have been burnin' and smokin' for decades through glass and only recently made the switch after realizing that it was possible to get just as high (or even more) by vaporizing than combusting. I mean smoking many large hitter bowls back to back got me wasted alright but also would feel like my lungs were going to burst out my chest from all the coughing.

After hearing about vaporizers from my cousins (and realizing I had been living under a rock) a 2012 Arizer V-Tower was ordered from Amazon almost 3 months ago for $100 shipped. At the time eBay had similar deals. The unit was purchased from EasyVape however they no longer appear to have an Amazon storefront. The lowest prices I see on eBay now seem to be around $115. Am not sure what's up with the vendor disappearing on Amazon, and the price jumping up and down a bit on eBay but regardless the unit works good as far as I'm concerned. Real happy with it even though would not surprise me if it broke tonight given the price paid.

Anyhoot tried the cyclone bowl and elbow adapters hooked up to high-temp silicone whips and it's all fine and works well. However as my daily driver and for when burner friends (not yet converted) come over the V-Tower gets hooked up directly to glass and big fat rips are had. So mostly been loading herb into a glass carbon filter adapter piece instead of the cyclone bowl/elbow.

Since the adapter I have is also a 14mm-18mm converter, its gets coupled with another converter so as to end up with 18mm male and 18mm female connections).

To enjoy inhalations, the V-Tower sits upside down onto the 18mm female connection of the glass adapter/converter, with the other end plugged into the water tool's stemless 18mm female connection.
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Certainly have tried that before with my extreme. I know someone else posted similiar pics a while back, but very nice none the less.


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Thanks I searched the EQ thread for carbon filter adapter and found posts by x-sploit where he tried his extreme with glass carbon filter slide/downstem. Great minds think alike is my story and I'm sticking to it. I really like the setup just must be mindful to first secure the CF glass adapter onto the water tool prior to lifting up the v tower/extreme to carb. It's crazy the setup has made me slow down my concentrate consumption.
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Got my Vtower yesterday, I give it two thumbs up :spliff:

one thing I did notice is that the glass elbow doesn't always seat well in the bowl letting air sneak in and diluting the vapor, easy to solve by gently pushing the elbow into place.

2b continued



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This unit is the same as the Extreme, just without the bags and fan. Check the sticky on using the Extreme and follow the instructions for whip hits.

A friend has recently pulled the trigger on a V Tower (Canada Day sale) as his first vape. I've never used it, but would like to ... um .... help him learn how to use it. Where do I find this sticky?


Salutations everyone,

I guess this is now going to be my favourite thread since i've finally found a solution to my Plan-A dilema which suddenly popped up earlier this year, when my previous "driver" went defective. The FC community is great in many ways but sometimes the search for perfection actually happens to block the path to action via perfectly viable candidates...


So, instead i decided to take benefit from a head-shop owner's experience (finally!) who suggested Arizer's V-Tower when i asked for some resonably fast table unit, after explaining that i liked bags once but would prefer to trade features for speed (as a "time-compressed" session would promote perception of taste & aroma, IMO). At least i can claim that switching from the HA to modded VGs was an eye-opener in such aspects. Betty Crocker takes care of the rest.

My initial impressions are positive. This unit is simple and easy to operate, its back-lit LCD pannel and 4-corner button user-interface allowed me to obtain satisfying inhalations in a matter of only a few attempts not even requiring an hour, starting at 192 °C, then going down until temperature reached 175 °C as i recall. I feel like a significantly wider low-temperature range awaits to be explored... It's going to be a new learning-curve!!


The Q-Extreme's internal fan won't be missed but should that occur anyway then lets simply say that i plan to evaluate the HA aquarium pump linked to a water accessory, via short but flexible PVC tubing, with a balloon attached, eventually.

Right now i'm quite pleased to find out that the time for a "Tolerance-Break" has been delayed as a result of my brand-new acquisition...


Last but not least: it's Cannadian and hence this means i'll never need to ship it through US borders for maintenance, whatever. In any case it felt good to be able to find it in Montreal, in a most charming location with a great view, on top of that... If my late trip (by train) is an announciator of what to expect in Cannabia land while traveling by vape then it should be real fun!

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Salutations Jim,

...I've read that the V-Tower does not have a clean air pathway. I'm wondering if this is true...

I'm wondering the same

First of all thanks for reminding me that i need to update my feedback post of August.

Well, i don't care much about it anymore so i'll be quick: i've finally decided to offer mine to a close person who's very dear to me - it's going to be used as a Potpourri Warmer!




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Hi, I've been the proud owner of a 2017 V-Tower for about 3 weeks now. Totally recommend it if you know you won't go the balloon way and aren't swimming in cash.
It's a great desktop vape for the price. I haven't owned any of the fancy dekstops vapes you see around there, but i have tried most them. I'm not disappointed about the money spent, but sure, i know there are better vapes out there. I'm pretty satisfied with vapor quality and unit performance and can only rejoice knowing it could only but improve if i bought a DDave mod. Oh, and FYI, most of the info in the Extreme Q thread and around the web regarding the EQ is completely applicable to the V-Tower, at least the most recent models.

Any one else still using V-Towers?

NOTE: The last post on this thread at this moment was written on 2013, so i just wanted to come by and the say V-Tower rocks and is still a very good option for people looking into desktop vaporiΩers. Not sure how different it is from the 2013 or prior models, but i gotta say, the posts here don't give it as much credit as i think it deserves. There aren't too many post really on this thread , though. So just wanted to add another possitve and more updated (mini) review of the unit.


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There are much better choices. The V Tower turned me off to vaping for years.


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For the price....I dont think this can be beat...

Bought ddave mod for it and there isnt any difference between this and the vtower other then the balloons and fan and tell you the truth...using the whip is so easy to inhale with I have no need for either.. Build quality is nice as expected from arizer .
Excellent vaporizer, just got one a week and a half ago. Had only used portables prior to this. No balloons for me, the idea of inhaling through a bag has always seemed a bit silly to to me. Don't need a fan either, things with moving parts tend to break faster anyway.
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Wich ones do you use and what do they add? 🤔
Well, I bought the full kit. In my experience glass is generally handy to have.

Generally I go 18:18 female with the 18 wand to a hose to a pipe.

20201229_154101.jpgWhich piece to choose depends on how much weed and how fast. 18: 14 mm generally help you vape a little herb in a faster time than 18:18. Within those you also have pieces with a bigger half on one side than the other, for if you want to vape more.

What they add is they bring the weed a little closer to the heat so you get more vapour at a lower temperature with more flavour. also reduces time for bowl to warm up. Wand is slanted, idea is to reduce condensation with less turns in the path.
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