Are there strains known to cause/not cause extreme coughing and lung syrup


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Having some real trouble with my vaping experience. Sometimes I get a strain and it seems to cause massive mucus production from my lungs. So much so I can't get any sleep at night because I am coughing up allergy mucus all night long from a couple bowls I vaped hours ago. When this is going on I find it difficult to breath like I'm breathing through slush, chest is tight and rattles. It feels like a big allergy response. I am someone who suffrs from allergies and take medication daily for it. I have been able to vape many different strains without much of a fuss until about a year ago.

Late last year I thought vaping was over for me. I had three different strains and ran them through several different vapes with only marginal improvement using lower temps. The coughing up mucus was so long lasting and the chest tightness so uncomfortable, along with increased difficulty breathing that the bad was outweighing the good.

When those strain were gone I happened to vape something else with no where near the issues. I thought at first it was that I was using the Mighty at 380 or less instead of harder hitting ball vapes. Thing was without the irritation pretty soon I cranking the Mighty up to 410 then in a couple days switching back to my favorite devices.

I live in a legal state. One of the things I have LOVED about vaping is trying all the different strains, not for their effects but for the flavors. I try a different strain or more likely two nearly every time I order. Unfortunately those days may be coming near their end. With this bad reaction I need to either quit or identify the stains that I need to stay away from.

Today I've started to write down the strains that are causing issue. After I get several maybe I'll post them up. Curious if the same strains cause issues for other allergy sufferers here. I wonder if there is a common factor between the ones that cause the allergic reaction? Is it even the strains or could it be the handling process?

Sitting on 2 oz right now I can't use, I'll have to give them to VAPEHUNTER when I see him next (lucky you). Both strains are causing the same reaction (Fruit Loops and Runtz Cake). I've got a third here Black Cherry OG. When my chest and coughing go back to normal going to try that.

Do any of the people having allergy reactions here have a list of either strains to stay away from or strains that are better for that?


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I have had similar issues with certain strains. I haven’t began to notate them, but what I feel is a good idea is try to identify the different terpenes that are in the strains that give you the reaction.

Compare if you can to try to narrow it down to what terpenes could be giving you the reaction.

I don’t know if this could actually work, if it’s the terpenes that cause the issues. but it’s my best guess as to being able to not only avoid known strains, but others going forward by seeing what you have a reaction to within each.

Edit: Like Razhumikin said below me, maybe also a good idea to look at possible source contaminants/pesticides that are the issue. Hard to determine what is precisely causing the reactions.


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I have no idea what could be causing this, but I have a couple of guesses. Before i list out my guesses I want to emphasize i am not a doctor nor am I really familiar with your situation beyond what you have described, so these are purely suppositions:

1. Allergy to a specific terpene (seems unlikely but could be possible).
2. Allergy to a pesticide/fungicide/other contaminant from the grower/packaging.

Are the strains giving you attacks from the same grower or facility? Do they have similar terpene contents, or is there something different terpene-wise or origin-related about the strain that didnt give you an attack?

This may be helpful:
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One of the reasons why I stopped using dry herb
If you can, try switching to dabs only. maybe it'll help you. it contains less substances than dry herb weed, @MikeRotchHertz tip - for him it works - and i think he's not the only one.

I am not sure it's terpz/THC, could be any other organic compound that is found inside dry herb weed :


"more than 60 inactive compounds" but maybe you have some allergy to at least one of them.. idk... very interesting to find out, but very hard to know which exactly (maybe the least stable organic molecules, idk)


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@Razhumikin Thank you for the ideas on terpenes, growers, and fungicide. Funny you mention the fungus I used to have a friend working at one of the growers here in Las Vegas. He told me that fungus was a problem for that grower so I have stayed away from that brand. I can tell you my practice has been to buy all sorts of strains from all sorts of growers. Up until recently I didn't care too much. I'd notice some growers might have better quality and gravitate towards that but really I was wanting to try as many different flavors as I could.
I think that practice is over.

Since this has become a problem and last night was terrible for sleeping with all the coughing fits, today I have started writing down the problem strains. I'll include grower and terpene on my list as that definitely sounds like something I should look at. I only started my list today so I can't actually answer the questions about terpene and origin other than about this particular batch I have in front of me.


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There are organic compounds in Cannabis which are less stable than terpenes.. Maybe they are more reactive.. Not an Organic chemistry expert anymore but I'll let you know if I find some


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Are you the same with older weed that you know has had time to cure properly?
I would keep a sample of each test candidate for 6 months to see if it improves for you.
Great tip
The weed's molecules will be more stable after curing (a bit of energy is lost over time)
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To try to exonerate the terpenes, you can try to press the cursed weed and dab it (or even just vaporize it, depending on whatever device you have access to). If the allergic reaction do not happen anymore, the terpenes and cannabinoids are probably innocent. But remember the pressing process only partially filter out fungi and pesticides, so no conclusion on that part...


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This is very interesting! I've not noticed a difference between different strains when it comes to the amount of lung irritation I experience, but that might be because I'm in the UK and so don't have access to such a wide variety of strains.
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