Arcadia Longmada Motar Quartz Bowl 510 Thread for Rosin


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And the more dabs you have the worse it gets!
I actually have all my settings for different attys/bat mod vapes written down and it still gets confusing:haw:
Naw no confusion for me got tha kit with a battery pack so just connect push tha button and fly away lol ...

I was thinkin gettin tha Lost vape Grus 🤔 but I'm still unsure I really dont wanna deal with havin to mess with software I'm not very computer friendly lol
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Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing.
The main thing that turned me to other devices is simplicity, built for purpose units instead of battery mods at least you will have the simpler version using their power/battery...too many battery mod settings for all the different devices gets old quickly.:lol:

This is what drove me to my Core erig. So simple and consistent with a Ti bucket.
Now with the lack of supply due to shipping, I've been looking around for my next erig in case the Core craps out. Some of the prices on certain erigs is fucking ridiculous.
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