Anyone from SoCal tried Blue Crack?


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Apologies if I've got this wrong. but it's supposed to be a Blue Dream X Green Crack cross, yes? I've heard it described as Afghani spicy but very uplifting. If this is correct, does anyone know if the strain has stabilised?

thanks very much



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i was gonna ask People's Nursery Care in Long Beach, they're another outfit that would piss *people off:
they only sold clones, of all the popular strains and in different types of medium, grown from seed and cloned, plus a guy who knew his isht

but I find he was targetted and bowed out to protect his patients.

dunno since i'm only into indicas and OG's

*People without MMJ laws


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Never blue crack. Right now I have some Cracker Jack which is green crach x jack herrer. really tasty. jack is one of my favorites, so anything from that type is a winner in my book. A good sativa is fun!
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