Any hip-hop heads in the "building"?


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Ive been collecting english underground rap between 99-2006 mostly. Still the era i Listen to the most.
Here a few bangers:
Can anyone recommend some Spotify Playlists? The ones i found dont contain any known artists to me and sound mostly Like that dreaded nasty trap stuff.


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Lyrics: GREEN T Heard this one whispered through the cracks of the xylophone Olfactory sensation is of coffee and the Styrofoam As for battle raps and who’s the dopest Learned to take it lightly like my mother’s jew neurosis Prognosis was never be the baron of this rap shit but You know what they say, “let them wear it if the cap fit” Im rocking mine with pride and style it up Slightly angled to the side, crunk wilding on the cut Scratch an acapella like a lottery ticket Dug some Donald Byrd out the crate, flipped it Love to make her shake and taste her lipstick The way she flakes the brisket really takes the biscuit when I Rips it, like a jedi knight with the force in me Walk the fine line between debauchery and sorcery Microphone magician, construct and algorithm with precision Rhyming Wittgensteinian logician on a Mission. Wishing upon a star Green to the T with the caviar now check the Reference, musical allusions in the sessions plus Youthful optimism is itself and act of reverence CHORUS Don’t get no water on the Gremlins Get slaughtered like Lemmings Make ‘em board up the Kremlin For high treason, down with the regent X2 FP I was harassed and fought like Harrison Ford In that one episode of South Park where he’s buried in cock Blood gushing from his orifice like Sherry and Port All of y’all just watch like an American sport Where are your balls I’m tearing you all a new Japs eye, rap fly, that is why I carry the torch The chairman of boards, the fairman of Yachts The baddest M-er F-er that you ever heard, but that aint your Fault. If you had any idea of the mind focus That goes into every word that I write on this Piece of paper you couldn’t breath on the mic homes its The speech-vader teaching you hitting the right tones with My ill voice, you couldn’t read me a tight poem if Your name was Shakespeare so retreat or get rhyme-pwned bitch

On the real, you believe it’s a light joke kid? Better think again and go find a new rhyme opponent CHORUS x2
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Mystique tel David Bowie, Vicelow, rapide comme le vent
Rien qu'en me levant je couche les ignorants

Le Saïan Supa agrippe le mic sans jamais se noyer
Rapide comme le vent, emportant les âmes enflammées
Telle une flamme, le cyclone décime la masse d'affamés
Désormais sur la plage, c'est le raz d 'marée.

"C'est quoi la thème déjà ? Style libre !
OK, c'est cool, j'me laisse aller
Genre, je l'ouvre, tu m'laisses parler
Au fond, je m'en bats les couilles si j'suis pas préparé
Même en impro j'sors des phases qui niquent ton crew, J'écris des 12 de népalais"

"C'est pas du divertissement, il n'y aura pas d'avertissement."


Simple is the way
New track from Killer Mike (of RTJ fame), produced by No ID ( taught Kanye & produced early Common). Also No ID's solo album is slept on classic.

Dave Chapelle needs to narrate more, that was epic :rockon:


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looking for recommendations about Hip-Hop-Funk/Chillout artist, something like "Hadag Nahash" - there's a song which they also sing in English

they also have 3 songs in the soundtrack of the movie "You Don't Mess with The Zohan" I just had seen this movie few days ago and fell in love with the music too ;)
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