Air vs Air II

Cuthbert J Twillie

Senior High
My Air was getting long in the tooth, I noticed most wear on the the toggle switch.
So I decided to go with an Air II.
Since my Air still works I did a little side by side comparison.
This is what I found:

My II takes a lot longer to warm up.
I don't mean warm up as indicated by light or in the case of the II by reaching the set temp in the view window.
Anyone familiar with the Air knows the indicator lights refer to the oven and not the glass, the II seems the same (i.e. reaching the set point does not mean the flower has sufficiently heated to create vapor).
What Ive observed over several sessions is that the II seems to need longer time than the Air to get the flowers heated enough to produce vapor.

Has anyone else encountered this phenomenon?
Cuthbert J Twillie,
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Cuthbert J Twillie

Senior High
and Arizer are a pain to deal with.
@Cuthbert J Twillie are you using the same stem for comparison.
I'm using an identical stem, material and dimension-wise.

I'm thinking maybe the higher air flow accounts for the longer (actual) heat-up time.
This is my third Arizer product and they've all been sturdy so far. I've used my Air as a daily driver for a good three years. I put many years on an EQ before that.
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