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never wanted to beat that one ;)
Hey folks of amazing vaporizing experience! ;)

After completely quitting combustion for >1 year I seek to convert my friends and family too.
They do want to quit some time but
a) are very accustomed to the feeling of smoking (including nicotine blabla) - but are aware of this and
b) "need" the whole joint rolling and sharing ritual to get the "great time" experience. It is very much a social thing.

They know the Vapcap M and partly the Tubo and Vaponic. My first idea was to convert them with vapcaps since they are very similar to smoking in terms of butane, small device and thick vapor.
But I later realized that the sharing ritual is much more important and heating up the vapcap repeatedly + passing it to the next is really not the same as sharing a joint. ("more of a bong feeling")

So it has to be something to easily share and getting slowly high like sharing a joint every half an hour or so.
Also portable and optimally stealthy, too.

Did someone who transitioned from joints feel similar back then and found a vaporizing solution to this social aspect? From those I know the Tubo seems to fit best but I know really few vapes actually. They will have the possibility to try one more often when one of them receives a Tubo.

I suppose there are units which fit even better in this regard. Also it best be not too finicky but a standard packing routine is of course okay.

I don't think they would like to suck on a plastic "straw" like with a Crafty or Boundless... :hmm:

Thanks in advance for your advise,
this forum holds a lot of experienced people! :)

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Hi! I got that feeling that you are talking about from the Fury 2 recently.... I think it is the best vape I can think of for sharing and passing. Draw speed and technique don't matter, it's very small and discreet, durable, easy loading unloading, great vapor, great temp control, good clouds, smooth hits even at high heat...
Only drawback I see is battery life. It's good for 4-6 bowls maybe so it depends how big the party is and what the general tolerance levels are. You might need a couple Furys to keep the party going or more! :lol: On the other hand they are really low priced at 125$ so yeah, I would go there if I were you. :tup:


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I had most success in converting smoking friends with the Arizer Air. I have no idea why, but whenever I went through my collection of vaporizers with friends who were willing to quit, then they all all pointed their fingers on the Air if asked which one they liked best and would like to take with them. The Fury 2 is also not a bad choice at all, but many ex-smokers miss the slighty harsh density, which the Fury 2 does not really provide. This is not a minus on the Fury 2's side, but smokers often miss it.

I would always have expected the Vapcap to be THE converter tool par excellence, but - at least for my friends - it wasn't. Two bought themselves Vapcaps later on, but they quit with Arizers.

Most portable vapes are not too great for sharing between multiple people, unfortunately... Another good thing about the Arizer is the changeable battery and that everyone can have his own filled stem during a mutual session, if one isn't enough. So instead of a joint, you just pass the Arizer heating element around. But yeah, I know. It's not the same...
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never wanted to beat that one ;)
Thanks for your replies so far!
The fury 2 looks pretty cool, short battery life and non-switchable could be an issue though.
Arizer Airs are not as expensive anymore too, good to hear smokers prefer it!
Edit: @Dynavaper Are you talking about the Air 1 or 2, and is it relevant?

Since portability is a must, the e-nano doesn't work but thanks for sharing this hilarious (and very relevant) post!
Maybe someone else has further experience/ideas, I will let them get more experience with the tubo first and then present them some possibilities :D
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Well, if you want a portable & semi-stealth, depending on your definition, check out the Splinter. It's can be as hard a hitter as you need it to be. Check out @AJS vids on the RBT Splinter thread & instagram.


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@leveltree: I converted those friends with Arizer Air 1 devices, but the second version does everything better (faster heatup, more airflow, precise temperature control), so it‘s worth going with the 2.


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The thing about the Dynavap is even though it looks like a joint, the fact it doesn't stay on tends to be confusing to joint smokers. I notice they tend to forget the cool down click and go directly into reheating which of course equals combustion. It's really more akin to a one hitter and dugout than a joint (hence the dynastash)

I always felt the Arizer portables embodied an electronic joint functionality. For me that's why I didn't like mine but everyone has their preferences.


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The thing about the Dynavap is even though it looks like a joint, the fact it doesn't stay on tends to be confusing to joint smokers.

...why i feel the lotus is better for converting 'smokers' into vaping before a lot of other vapes... i've converted more smokers with a lotus than any other (usually results in me giving away a lotus and getting a new one :lol:)...
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