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NFC 420EDC: Cannabis Vaporizer Outfitter


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New FCerz,

Hope that you are all safe & healthy as can be. My name is Mark from 420EDC, a small shoppe based in Maine.

Our current focus is on outfitting Arizer 2nd Generation Portables (ArGo/Solo2/Air2). We offer different bundles for customers to choose from and build themselves. It's our goal to deliver the best value for the customer as well as service with the goal to be faster than Amazon in getting you your gear. We are happy to assist every step of the way prior to purchase in helping you choose the best device and accessories for your needs. 420EDC is also here for you post purchase with questions on usage or troubleshooting tips to help you make the most out of your vaping experience.

420EDC is working to expand beyond the Arizer vapes we carry in the next few months with something on-demand. Stay tuned. Promotions are always on our homepage along with codes and details, check the banners as well as your shopping cart for special offers.

We'd like to thank the moderators for working on getting FC moved to a new home and for allowing us to be a part of the New FCombustion. 420EDC is grateful for all the support from the FC community over the years!

Stay well!


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