1. vape>comb

    Help my lungs, Vapexhale vs Flower Pot vs Ditanium/SSV AND Mighty

    Hi Everyone, I have been pretty indecisive the last few weeks. Over the last few months I can really feel it in my lungs when I am combusting flower. I don't want to continue doing this knowing all the risks and overall I feel less healthy. Short breathe. Snoring in sleep might be related to...
  2. CANtalk

    Anybody have this hydrabase or whatever?

    I'm looking for a bit of help here, and owners of this specific hydrabase (and others), or whatever you want to call it :sherlock:. I need the measurement from a flat surface to the top of the FEMALE joint (the lower of the two joints), in mm if possible... the distance from flat ground to that...
  3. C

    VapeXhale Cloud Evo, Dr Dabber Switch or Alternative?

    I'm looking for something big with a waterpipe attachment that does both dabs and flower well. I am a long time smoker and have the pax3, Airizer Go, and the Extreme Q and water pipe attachments for all but could do with something with a bit more oomph. bigger clouds, harder throat hit. I am...
  4. 8man

    EVO - Underdog - Volcano

    As my Purple Days began rattling itself to death I decided to buy a new desktop vaporizer. Thus began my search for the ideal vaporizer for me. I wound up owning three very different vaporizers and I thought someone somewhere might find it helpful to have a comparison. I won't go into...
  5. B

    First glass for cloud evo?

    Hi, I have just got my Vapexhale cloud evo, being my first vape I'm pretty happy with it. I am now looking to buy some glass to use with it, I've been looking at some of the recommended glass items on dhgate and have narrowed it down to a few, I want one with the least flavor loss, low draw...
  6. MiamiVapor

    What are You Vaping With Today?

    Just wanna see what your vaping on today. I'm using the Kanger Mini with the Kanger Tank and I'm Vaping on some Dewberry Cream!!!
  7. FlyingLow

    Planning on any 4/20 purchases this year?

    Going to treat myself to some new glass and an enail this year... not decided yet on which ones though.
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