1. B

    First time vape arizer solo 2 awfull taste like whuut

    HI , First of all im French so sorry for the "bad english" In a Quest of healthier , and more flavoured practice i bought a Arizer solo 2 which got very good review on many videos and webstite . I received it and tried it , i did the 2 burn off sessions , grind my herb and tried it ......OMFG...
  2. B

    Good stealthy OIL only pen and\or cartridge? I.e, I will only use oil.

    I'm getting confused when reading recommendations in other posts because the conversations always involve things (acronyms mostly so I will read the glossary of acronyms) I either don't know or care about. I'm looking for a pen-like device for stealth although it appears making it look like a...
  3. A

    Embouts Arizer Solo

    Salut à tous les vapoteurs ! J'ai acheté il y a quelques mois un Arizer Solo afin de satisfaire mon envie en THC sans avoir à me bousiller la santé... Et oui, comme beaucoup de monde, je fumais mes joints avec du tabac... Et pas qu'un peu ! J'ai du l'utilisé 2 jours tout au plus car l'effet...
  4. T

    How do I get the burnt taste out of my chamber?

    Hello, I have recently purchased a Boundless CFX, and I have made a bit of a mistake. I made the mistake of trying tea in the chamber, and I believe it combusted which is leaving me with a terrible taste every time I vaporize weed. Even Pineapple Express tastes terrible as the burnt tea masks...
  5. Squiby

    Ever Wonder if Your Weed has Benn Artificially Flavoured???

    I am beginning to wonder if the weed I get from my local dispensary has been artificially flavour enhanced.... I have tried maybe 30+ strains in my life, so far :p and although there are clearly different flavour profiles, overt fruit flavours seem artificial. I have had Strawberry Cough...
  6. cloudsosmoke

    i heard this thing works - anyone know if it could improve weed tastes - or am i high

  7. L

    Weird Taste?

    I am currently testing out a sample product from china. Every time i use it. It gives off a weird sweet taste. I am using the same strain in multiple other vaporizers to for comparison with this one as welll, and I always get a distinct sweet taste. Its not very noticeable at first. As soon as...
  8. H

    Awful taste Bho

    For the record, i am very very new to this. Is there anyone who has any suggestions as to how I would be able to blast my flower with butane & still keep the d-Limonene in my liquid afterwards, I have no vac, & I have been using evrclear, unbleached coffee filters, & the winterization method. I...
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