1. SuperD

    Custom Titanium stems

    I'm going to be getting some ready for display. Hopefully I can make something you all may be interested in. Let me know what length stems you are interested in. Im still new so learning anodizing and different finishes still. Here is a picture of a very rough prototype lol. With some practice I...
  2. X

    Arizer Stem In NYC

    Hi all, Anthony here from New York. Does anyone know of a walk-in shop in New York City where I can buy a new stem for my Arizer Air? Not only did I break the two it came with, I managed to convert the "potpourri stem" into a mouthpiece as well (with a drill) and broke that too! I can easily...
  3. H

    Stem Tea?

    Anyone have a clue how someone would go about making some tea with stems? I feel like I should just going them down, throw them into a tea bag, slow cook the water (at what temp is the question) & tadaa.... But I could be wrong. I know this isn't really cooking/baking either, but I figured...
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