1. S

    cooling stems and unregulated vapes

    I was going to address this to Milaana and Lil Bud owners but I realize that everyone who uses watts mode with the 510 vapes has this issue too. Do cooling stems give you adequate "feedback" so you can inhale vapor clouds and still avoid combustion? I have a bunch of different cooling stems...
  2. Summer

    Discontinued Splinter Z by RBT

    I asked Ryan last week if it was OK to start a thread for the Splinter Z & he said yes, but I figured I'd wait a bit. Well, thanks to @kuzko posting on the Splinter thread that the Zs are now up for sale, it's time. https://www.rastabuddhatao.com/category-s/136.htm Here's an informative...
  3. K

    Splinter Z vs Iheat. The ultimate showdown

    Very little information available pertaining to how these two devices stack up against each other, so why not settle it here? To all of whom who have owned both. Which do you prefer and why?
  4. Eskcharls

    510 Extension

    Im looking for some sort of extension cable for the mod box 510 connection that can enable me to use like a a desktop setup when ill be holding the vaporizer like stempod, splinter or imp on my hand,and the mod box would be on the desk. It seems that the G43 and the Tubox have that configuration...
  5. NizzyJones

    Splinter tubomyevic Quick Start Guide

    So you have a Splinter and you'd like to setup temp control in tubomyevic. Problem is funkyjunk tuned the PID settings for the Tubo heater. I've done a little bit of guess and check tuning with the NFE device monitor and arrived at some PID settings that seem to work pretty well so I thought I'd...
  6. M

    New to Splinter and Box Mods

    Hey everyone! I got extra cash, and splurged on the Yihi SXmini G Class vape and splinter. I'm wondering what settings I should put this guy on. I currently have TCR on 170 and wattage on 40 for preheat and heard to set it around 29-32 watts during smoking. Do I need to worry about anything...
  7. started@52

    RBT has a Phatt Ass!

    RBT Phatt Ass that is, lol. Ordered this Saturday morning and received it today! Now, what to build, hmm?
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