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solo ii

  1. V

    Do I need a TM2? Solo2-potvOne user

    So I have been hesitating on buying a TM2. Price is harsh in Canada but it’s on sale for 400$ on potv, 450$ with the damn taxes! I have a low tolerance and been using my solo 2 for nearly 4 years on the couch at night and I love it. When I get home from work I take a few hits of a thc-cbd-cbg...
  2. bluenavey00

    Arizer Solo II

    Has anyone seen this? Looks like it could be the successor to the Air.
  3. VapeWell

    Calyx Bubbler, fill?

    Recently bought a Calyx bubbler for my Solo II to cool the vapor down a bit more for my heat sensitive SO. Used it once and it all went well, but is there an easy way to fill it? Looked online and not many resources there that are on point. Having a source of water so close to an expensive piece...
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