pax 3

  1. C

    Hi guys, I'm New Here. Thinking about buying the ARGO

    I have a pax3 with the NewVape upgrades and love it for weed and concentrates. It is a great piece of kit. However, I have been hearing lots of good in relation to flavor with the ARGO due to the all glass path. The replaceable batteries and the fact I can buy spares tubes and pre-pack them is...
  2. John Redcorn

    Experience with the Lynx Hypnos or other portable vapes(pax 3... firefly3)

    Iam looking for someone who has experience with the Lynx Hypnos, Pax 3, or Firefly 2. This someone should also be able to write about there experience(s) and provide a lengthy review. Willing to pay someone who knows there stuff and can write.
  3. A

    Best ultra portable vape?

    Hi I'm looking to get a new vape, one that's ultra portable that u can just toss in a pocket and go. I already have a mighty and a vapcap, so as far as big electric portables and ultra portable butane vapes I'm set, but I want a ultra portable electric vape so I don't get looks like I'm smoking...
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