1. T

    General degummed hemp fiber uses?

    Long story short the VAS always gets me and i ordered the omnivap blue ti. Sooo while im waiting on it to arrive my natural habit kicks in and im trying to learn everything i can before it arrives so i know exactly what to do and how im going to do it. Ive read quite a bit on here but and left...
  2. TheResistance

    DYNAVAP Omnivap new user questions

    This is my first thread on FC, I just need some advice before I pull the trigger on this Ti Omnivap(Never used one but I'm a believer just by the research, and I'm going all out). How often do you guys normally need to use a new filter insert CCD? (If ever? also stainless or Ti?) Is there...
  3. lemmeadem

    Where To Go Next?

    Dear FC, It seems my VapCap Omni has quenched my thirst for other vapes and in a thinly veiled appeal to restore the earlier vigor of my VAS (I love variety, but can't justify any other vapes on function alone anymore), I implore you, dear FC readers and writers, to tell me where to go next in...
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