1. S

    cooling stems and unregulated vapes

    I was going to address this to Milaana and Lil Bud owners but I realize that everyone who uses watts mode with the 510 vapes has this issue too. Do cooling stems give you adequate "feedback" so you can inhale vapor clouds and still avoid combustion? I have a bunch of different cooling stems...
  2. started@52

    RBT has a Phatt Ass!

    RBT Phatt Ass that is, lol. Ordered this Saturday morning and received it today! Now, what to build, hmm?
  3. sandcrow64

    Looking for a stronger vape than the Air II

    I've had my Air II for a little while (maybe six months) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The thing is, after recently getting a Vapcap, the Air just seems underwhelming to me. I usually vape around 200°C but I don't know the hits feels much lighter/less potent and I feel like I get less high with...
  4. KeroZen

    Milaana 20700 / 21700 Conversion (get extended battery life)

    WARNING / DISCLAIMER: By performing this conversion, there is a small risk of damaging your Milaana. But if you are careful and take your time, chances will be very low. You are more likely if you screw up to end up with cosmetic defects rather than a broken non-functional device anyway...

    420EDC LockBox & StashCases

    Thank you to the FC community for all the support! We've been collecting boxes for a very long time, Pelican, Otter, Underwater Kinetics, etc. We have always tried to protect gear on any journey it embarks on for the duration of the trip to include redundant backups as we've seen the best of...
  6. babybender

    Mighty vs Firewood 3.0

    Hi, Looking for a new vape, currently have an Arizer Air. I want: - Big clouds - Cool vapour - Fast heat up time - Ease of use - Low maintenance - Reliability I'm leaning towards the FW 3/4 (when it comes out), as it has the user replaceable batteries and a faster heat up time and is full...
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