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  1. Archaicrevival

    Silicone Offgassing - Is it a Health Concern?

    Back in 2013 I had bought a Davinci Ascent, It has visible vapors coming from it.(note: NOT my personal video below but exact problem!) I had contacted their customer support and they said these vapors were "non-toxic, and safe." Some forum members believe this...what do you think? I don't...
  2. ganjapharma

    Testing silicone containers for safety. Repost from Reddit

    this is a repost from r/cannabis extracts that I think needs to be shared throughout the community. Apparently there is a way to test silicone to see which are actually "platinum cured" and which are full of BULLSHIT. post below: (copied from reddit) Original post here A few posters on this...
  3. tiukauleh

    how safe is a heated o-ring?

    Fcers, need some help on an (imaginary?) issue. i use an o-ring like that in the pic below to make the operation air tight. if the o-ring is heated and close to the air path, am i being anal in asking myself whether it's safe ie will it off-gas or something? For those who do use o-rings...
  4. N

    Is it safe to inhale through a heater cover fixed with JB Weld?

    The bottom of my LSV's heater cover broke right below the air intake hole. I JB Welded it back together, getting as little in the air path as possible. It dried up and the JB Weld is good up to 500 degrees. So first of all whats the LSVs(or DBV or SSVs) max temp? And if a little of JB weld...
  5. M

    Heating Element Materials...Are vaporizers safe?

    When I was doing research into vaporizers, may sites were saying don't buy one with an aluminum heating element, get a ceramic heating element instead. Now I read that the Silver Surfer Vaporizer has an "alumina ceramic" element. Does that mean other vaporizers had pure aluminum heating elements...
  6. D

    Is Brass Safe?

    I have set this thread up in response for a request to move discussion of brass outside of a single vendor's vaporizer. So here it is. Please, anyone, defend using brass in a vaporizer in any of it's parts. Here is a new kickoff: I have had 10 coffee makers in the last 20 years. All of them...
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