low temp dabs and flower

  1. CeeLoGlass

    Is Low Temp Dabbing on Quartz better than using a Vape device?

    When you take a nice low temp dab out of Quartz at 650 degrees or lower, is that considered combustion? If not, then what are your preferences for having a vaporizer kit? I know that it's not considered combustion but I just want to know the different preferences of using a hand help vape vs...
  2. A

    Convection dabbing

    What's a great convecrion vaporizer in the market? I have hear of the vape x Evo. I'm looking to use herb and oil.
  3. A

    Birthday boy wants a good air convection vaporizer

    I am new to vaporizing. I have been low temp dabbing for a while. Currently I made some cash and I am looking for a low temp convection vaporizer for oil, and dry herb. I have heard of vape x Evo, are there better/cheaper options?
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